Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday in the Garden

Today we will answer the question...what are the boys looking at out the front window...
This flower pot arrangement sits by the front door. We got the idea while on vacation in Nisswa, Minnesota.
These pretty flowers are in the front beds too...not sure what they are called, but I love their color.
We have many gerber daisy plants as's one of our favorites when it is blooming.
This is what our gerbers look like at the moment though...we are in need of some rain, so no blooms right now...
These pretty white and pink flowers are also in the bed out front...they look so dainty compared to the larger gerbers.
Here is one of the knock-out rose bushes flanking the garage. This thing blooms almost all summer and is usually more full of blooms that it is right now. The lack of rain is having an impact on all flowers this year.
This little guys sits on the front porch near the door too...

There you have it...we also have some mums that are starting to bloom, but I'll save them for another post...when they are more full of blooms this fall.

For other great gardens...pop over to The Feline Society of Gardeners and read the blogs there.


  1. That flower pot arrangement is absolutely terrific, very creative!

    All your flowers look lovely and we like your cat plant holder too!

  2. We love all your flowers but we think that the stacked pots and the kitty pot are our favorites! We may need to steal that idea!

  3. Wow!!! You have wonderful things to look at. I love the tipsy-turvy pots of pretty flowers the best.

  4. Such pretty flowers!

    We love the flower pot arrangement

  5. That stacked flower pot planter is a great idea! Love it!

    Your garden looks great. We hope you get some rain soon.

  6. We returned to answer a question you left on our blog: If we had a second story on our house we would be able to see the ocean from there. We are about five blocks up from Monterey Bay. It's beautiful! Being this close to the ocean definitely impacts the weather. Usually it means a nice moderate temperature, with fog in the morning during the Summer months.

  7. Oh my goodness that flower pot arrangement is fantastic!! How did you do that? Wonderful!!

    Oh your gerber daisies are all looking good and that rose bush is lovely! I hope it rains soon so they'll all bloom profusely!

    Your garden is lovely - now wonder the kitties are staring out in AWE!!

    Take care

  8. We love your garden and especially the flower pot arrangement at the front door. How did you do it?


  9. We like the flowerpots. They look really different. We like all your flowers too.

  10. I think I would probably stare out the window at those pots too...until they fell over!

  11. We too want to know the secret of the flower pots! That would be great for an herb garden in a tight spot.

  12. Our mom has flower pots that stack like that too!! She didn't put it out this year, though. Mom says our flowers aren't doing real good this year rain, too hot...everything is looking kinda punky right now...

  13. What gorgeous flowers you have in your garden, and I love all your garden pots and ornaments, too! It was very clever of you to stack those pots like that!

    You kitties should be proud of your mama for being so creative.

    Oh and Devon's on the LOLSpot today.

  14. Your flowers are beautiful...and we are especially in love with that pink daisy! I bet you just love sitting in your window looking at it all!

  15. lots of pretty things to look at - we really like those flower pots! so cool!


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