Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday in the Garden

Today's Garden post is rather random in nature...out weather is way to hot to be outside, but thankfully we have been getting a bit of rain. Our rain barrels are all full again!

The fence seems to be keeping the rabbit away, and our newly planted tomatoes are growing and blooming!
I am not sure what this plant it, but it was huge last died back in the winter, but is coming out again. We love plants that will return year after year! You can see how think the stalks were last has a long way to grow.
A new addition to our garden this year is Cone Flowers. Auntie read that the birds really like them, so we are giving it a try.
This last picture is looking over the fence at the yard. We have a huge bank behind our house and the other row of houses in the neighborhood and it is covered with large grasses. This grass is a wonderful home to many rats, which makes the neighborhood cats and the halk happy. These rats love to come up to our bird feeders and eat seed from the ground. We are ok with this as long as they stay away from the house :) In the picture below, you can see their paths from the tall grasses to the feeders...

Well, that's all for today...
For more interesting gardening post (probably with actual cat pictures) check out Jonesie's page and the other members of the Society of Feline Gardners.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    My Dad would be so envious of your tomatoes. We really lack the sun needed for real vegetable gardening. The cherry tomato plants are a first for us, but only now getting a few ripe ones.

  2. Oooh can't wait to see what your first plant will look like -the one that died but is now returning! I love the fresh new leaves!

    And what beautiful cone flowers - brilliant!

    And it's amazing about the rats! I think they're such intelligent and pragmatic creatures but you're so right! So long as they stay outside, I'm happy too!

    take care

  3. Yes it's been furry hot here too and a lot of our garden looks like it!



  4. Hurrah for the tomatoes!

    Rats...Okay, we'd love that, but our human sure wouldn't. LOL.

    The purple cone flowers look great! Don't they also draw butterflies? That'll be good kitty TV!

    Happy Thursday!

  5. We have had the hots here too - we hate it. Your garden must be very happy it rained.

    And we didn't know cone flowers attract birds - we will remember that in case we ever have a garden - we like birds so they sound great!

    And wow, those trails in the grass are crazy - we have seen stuff near the creek that look like that but wider - they are duck trails. We didn't know rats left them too!

  6. Beautiful flower! Love the color. What is with the rabbits this year? They aren't even afraid of our dog.

  7. Rats! Our mom would not like those in our yard!!

    Those cone flowers are very pretty. We don't have any in our garden, but our neighbor does so we get to look at them.

  8. Mom just adores coneflowers or anything that resembles a daisy! Thanks for sharing yours!

    I think rats in the garden sounds like fun!

  9. CC would like to come over and take care of your rats. He'd do it for free...all he'd want is a firm bum patting and to eat his rat in peace.

  10. We wonder what that first plant is too - does it have flowers? It's very nice. And we LOVE coneflowers - they like hot weather, don't mind drought - and we sometimes see goldfinches eating the seeds after the flowers bloom.

    P.S. our mom says she doesn't mind outside rats either - and they are fun to watch!

  11. Been hot here too. Great photos of your garden. Have a great weekend all.

  12. Rats in the garden -- fun (for the kitties, anyway)!

  13. Lovely garden! The cone flowers are so pretty and that's great about the tomatoes! It's been hot here too.

    Happy weekend!


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