Monday, July 26, 2010

Mancats love the Cube

The boys are all enjoying the Cube they received in their Christmas in July package. Someone is in it just about all the time! Tanner is more conservative in the cube than his brother Devon, and usually manages to keep the cube upright the whole time :)
The cube is a great place to sniff for other kitties. I'll bet he is smelling Devon!
The cube is also a great lookout spot to watch other kitties passing by...there goes Pirate.
Sometimes toys land on the cube and need to be attacked...
Sometimes it is fun to just sit and see what will happen next!
What are some of your favorite toys? Does everyone in your household like the same thing?


  1. Awwww that's a brilliant cube Tanner!! Me and Charlie are loving that you're loving it so much!! It's a great hideaway to catch toys and to watch the kitties go by!

    Charlie loves his cube thingy too - he loves laying half in half out and catch string that I dangle infront of the hole!

    Take care

  2. Those cubes are great fun! We (read Nicki) shredded ours and haven't had a replacement, though we have other cube-type toys.

    We like different things: sticks and laser lights, tunnels, mousies...all sorts of things! Though we play more with them in the winter, when we can't go out into our back space as much.

  3. That us a furry PAWesome cube! Looks like lots of fun! We love our mice and our new felt octopus!

  4. Our cubes disappeared cuz someone was peeing in them...we miss 'em!

  5. That is a great gift!!! I've been seeing a lot of those around, hmmmmm.

  6. We love cubes! WE have one but is is usually collapsed because of people jumping on top! We think they are one of the best toys ever invented - we can see why it is so popular at your house!!

  7. We have got to get ourselves one of them cubes!

  8. Looks like you guys need another cube or two!!! They are a lotta fun, aren't they?? Our mom puts a little blanket in each of ours so we'll have something nice to nap on.

  9. Tanner
    We are so glad you are enjoying your cube. We all enjoy nip flavored mousies. And I have to tell you, we had never tried the Party Mix before but efurryone LOVES IT! So Momma bought us more and more of it!



  10. The cube looks like lots of fun. Our favourite toys are:
    Flynn: Nippy carrot.
    Eric: Scruffy rat.

  11. Busby and I both love our tall cat tree and our shorter new blue cat tree. We're pretty good about sharing although sometimes we fight over the very top shelf of the tree.

    Your cube looks like big fun. We may have to ask Santa Paws for one of those this year.

  12. lucky you to have such a fun cube!


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