Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hunt Week

We wanted to participate in the Hunt week, but we are indoor kitties, so we had to be a bit creative!
We love to hunt the red laser light! Here's Tanner getting ready to pounce when it comes by again. Cousin Sophie waits in the wing for her chance!

Man, that light fooled us again, we all had to turn on our own lasers to show it who was the boss! That light is fast, let me tell you.
Devon has finally caught it...I wonder if it will escape again.

Smokey spots it on the wall...he's going to jump for it. Cousin Sophie has spotted the source...she's too smart for her own good.

We hope you all liked our hunting! If mom would let us out, I think we could get some fevvers or something, we have honed our skills to perfection!


  1. You guys did PAWesome indoor hunting!!! We love the picture of you with ALL of yours lasers on!!!

  2. Now that's our kind of hunting, the indoor kind. We are indoor cats too. Love the laser eyes!

  3. Oh, wow, I'm impressed. I really liked how you all turned on your own lasers. Very cool! :)

    Mama bought me a laser light a few years ago. I was mildly interested for about five minutes. She wishes we all would play more like you all do.


  4. That was good hunting of the laser light. We are like cousin Sophie and watch the pen the light comes from, and we won't chase the dot any more.

  5. For indoor kitties, you did a pawsome job of hunting!!!! (We're indoor boys). And those are mighty impressive lasers y'all have too.

  6. Wow! You sure hunted down that red light!! We hunt that red light too...and we've yet to catch it!!

  7. The laser is forbidden here because Rumbles gets far too excited... but it looks like you guys are having so much fun with it!!

  8. Oh the laser light! That is one thing that can never be caught! And speaking of laser lights, wow those eyes of yours.

  9. This is a great hunt week post - us indoor kitties have to hunt for whatever prey we can find, even if it is some hard to catch red dot! WE love to hunt for those too - and we have a green one too - even more elusive then the red ones!


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