Friday, December 18, 2009

Flashback Friday

I saw the Creek Cats post on last Christmas where they were able to remember and write once again about their beloved Cal, and I thought...I'll copy that idea, so I can write about Mojo!

Here's Mojo hanging out on a chair in what is now the dining room...we didn't have a table last year, so we moved this chair in here from the study, while the tree was up. Mojo loved sitting on this blanket...doesn't he look festive?
We knew this would be his last Christmas with us, so we spoiled him in any way we could. If he would eat better on the carpet, then so be it. Notice his red toe nails on his back foot. We put the soft paws on so when he scratched at his mouth, he wouldn't keep cutting it. His allergies always presented with a sore on his mouth, that itched and burned. The nail covers helped keep him from making it worse, and he didn't mind wearing them at all!
Here's another shot of him in his favorite chair. You can see his tumor (fibrosarcoma) here, and believe it or not, it got a lot bigger before the end. He was doing well at this time, still eating and playing some. He was on some pain med, but still loving life. He was such a good boy, and I will always remember him.
This is me and my sister (Auntie) last Christmas at our Granny's house. I'm in the green sweater.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


  1. That was a wonderful tribute to Mojo, thanks for sharing it with us! Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing some of your memories of Mojo. xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Bless heart. We are so sorry this is your first Christmas without your beloved Mojo. He was such a handsome mancat and we can really feel how much you miss him. This was such a wonderful tribute post to him. We just know he is enjoying his first Christmas with Cal at the Rainbow Bridge. *tears*

  4. Nice tribute to Mojo. (plus we love that name)He was a very handsome mancat. We've been thinking a lot of our angel brother & sisters lately too.


  5. What a PAWesome homage to Mojo! He was quite the Handsome Tuxie! We liked those red softpaws. Sorry is no longer here with you physically, but he is with you all EVERYDAY in spirit!

  6. What a sweetie Mojo was! We know how much you must miss him!!

  7. This is a wonderful tribute. Thanks for sharing Mogo with us. I love that top picture of him. I know it must be hard to miss him, especially at Christmastime.

  8. That was a lovely tribute to Mojo. He was very handsome with his cute moustache.
    Mum did a double take when she saw your photo. You look very much like her sister in law when she was younger.

  9. Lovely picture of you and your sister! And what a great idea to honour Mojo at this time of year. He was so well loved and pampered -- but then he needed and deserved it.

    I'll always remember him as the Groucho Marx kitty, of course!

  10. Thanks for you for sharing you memories. Poor kitty. He looked like he had a mustache.

  11. Thank you for stopping by our blog and giving us purrs. That was a sweet post about Mojo. Thank you for sharing them.
    -Patches and Nemo


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