Monday, January 13, 2020

Mancat Monday

The boys and I all had a nice weekend.  The weather is nice and warm here right now, so we took advantage of it.  Storms rolled through Saturday night, but thankful for no damage.
Oliver loves to be he is helping me eat breakfast.  He doesn't care for people food, so he sits politely.

Rusty just chilling in the floor.  

Panthers enjoying the open windows...might as well air out the house!  L-R Harrison, Oliver and Flynn

Oliver checking out a new bag I purchased on ebay.  Guess I could use it as a cat carrier in a pinch!

Monkey see, Monkey do...Rusty is just like his brother!

Flynn chilling out...look at those long arms!

Tomorrow, I'll start back up with the Japan trip.


  1. Your boys are so sweet and entertaining. We're glad everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves! :-)

  2. Glad you all had a good weekend and the storms caused no damage. We have been in the middle of one a day with winds recorded at 85mph in our area. Hopefully there will be no damage here either.

  3. What a nice weekend you all had! We had lots of rain and we just cuddled up and slept the weekend away.

  4. Looks like everything is good with the boys!


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