Monday, January 06, 2020

Mancat Monday

Happy New Year everyone!!  We hope this year will be kind to us all!
Rusty helping me get the packages ready for the post office.

Flynn will have a surprise this year...he has now hit 20 pounds...I see a diet in his future!

Flynn not happy about the year of the Rat!

Harrison being a cutie as always...

Oliver sleeps with me every night, but this past week, Harrison has joined us.  I am loving my bed buddies!

The fish enjoying his new dual leaf I picked up in Japan.

Oliver is a curious boy, and always quick to notice new things in the house.  Normally they are a bit spooky to him.  We did a bunch of purging over the holiday and had some things sitting in the floor before they were packed up and donated.  Oliver wasn't sure about these things...Enjoy his video.


  1. Happy New Year to you all! The video was cute! :-)

    P.S. Oh, I do love decluttering!

  2. You are funny, Oliver! My Flynn would have walked right up to it and given it a good whack or three.

  3. Such cute photos. Flynn! You gotta cut back on the foods, buddy! Happy 2020 to you all!

  4. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020!

  5. Happy New Year to you all. Flynn, you better look out for they may cut down on your treats soon. It's great to see you all having a excellent start to the New Year. Have fun!!!
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