Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Wacky Wet Wednesday

The boys haven't had play time in the tub in a while, and Harrison let us know he was ready.  Auntie was cleaning her tub and he kept trying to get in there.  When she finished, we ran some water and threw his toys in.  It didn't take long before he was in the the water playing with his toys!
Harrison playing with the swimming fish...

A bigger bath toy that a friend gave the boys...

Oliver checking it out and is curious, but can't decide if he should get his feet wet.  Although, Oliver loves to shower and usually ends up soaked because he stands on the edge on the inside of the curtain and the water is just spraying all over him!

Flynn has come to see what is going on...

Flynn couldn't resist...he had to get in there and play with those fish!

Harrison was finally done...time to get dried off!

Flynn has some alone time with the toys and loved it!

Time for Flynn to get dried off...he had laid down at one point and was pretty wet!

Here are some videos as well...Enjoy!


  1. :-O

    Okay, you guys are adorable, but we think you're NUTS! :-D

  2. You guys really make this look fun... still, I am not convinced!

  3. You boys are having such fun. I know Eric would have loved to join you in there.

  4. that is so cute that they play in the tub! I wish Cody would do that! catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. Such cuties. We have a fish no one plays with, I need to try putting it in the tub.

  6. Happy Purrday Tanner!!!!

    Y'all are crazy while we LOVE playing in the tub NOT with water in there.


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