Monday, April 24, 2017

Mancat Monday

The mancats love fresh catnip.  Flynn thinks every time you go outside you should bring some back in for him!
Here are the panthers enjoying some fresh nip...From the top, going clockwise...Flynn, Oliver and Harrison

We tear the leaves into small pieces because they will eat whatever is on the ground...then they will go to the compost bowl and scout out the stems! 

Flynn seems to feel the effects more than the others!  He is the cat at the bottom now.

Here's Flynn throwing caution to the wind...he is a nut!


  1. LOL! Fresh nip would be a big treat in our house, though nip makes Nicki rather mean, so neither boy gets it often. Loved the pics of all your panthers -- they're definitely into it, especially Flynn! :-D

  2. We have a very healthy nip garden... but oddly enough, we prefer it dried.

  3. We love fresh nip too. Our crop hasn't grown yet this year.

  4. It's not just names we share, Flynn. My mum says I am a total nip head too.

  5. Nothing like fresh nip :) My cats still enjoy the igloo you sent Cat Scout Sammy 2 years ago.:)


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