Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday, Tanner and I spent the day at the vet school getting his annual Cardiology scans done.

Our appointment time was 9:30 and we were immediately taken into a room.  The technician came in to do a blood pressure check first thing.
Here is Tanner having his BP checked.  He did a great job and wasn't vocal in the least.  His pressure was a bit on the high side though.

Next, we had a 4th year student come in and talk with us, take vitals and do a quick exam.  He was very nice, but a bit too perky for my taste :)  Constantly called Tanner, "Love" or "sweetheart"...I'm thinking he's a boy cat.

Next, Perky student and a resident came it to tell me the game plan for the day and to see if I had questions.  No questions from me, so Tanner should be done in about an hour and a half.  Perfect...I'll be in the cafe.  I brough my laptop this time!

Get a call from them about noon, and they had had some emergencies come in, so Tanner was next on the list.  I grabbed a quick snack and kept working.

About 1:30 he was ready to go...

The doctors were all pleased to see him, and he did really well with his visit.  His original oncology doctor stopped by to see him as well and was happy with what she saw.  He really is a miracle boy!  They said that most cats with lymphoma do not make it as long as he has...I have to think he was all our purrs that have kept him going!

Now, on to the cardio report...

ASSESSMENT: We are thrilled that Tanner is doing well at home! On today’s examination Tanner looked happy and healthy. Based on today’s echocardiogram, Tanner’s heart disease has mildly progressed, characterized by slightly further enlargement of the left atrium. No medication adjustments are recommended currently, and refills of atenolol and clopidogrel were provided. Tanner’s blood pressure measured 220 mmHg upon arrival at the hospital and with repeated measurement was 180 mmHg. These blood pressure values are higher than we would like to see for Tanner; however, based on his temperament, these values may be artificially elevated by stress or excitement in the hospital. We recommend following up with Tanner’s primary care veterinarian to repeat a blood pressure measurement while he is calm and resting to determine whether Tanner should be treated for hypertension with oral medication (amlodipine)

All in all, everyone is pleased with him and we will keep doing what we are already doing.  I'll give his regular vet a call to see if he thinks he needs a BP recheck and go from there.

So today, I am thankful for a good report from the cardiologist.  I am also thankful for you, the faithful readers who have purred and supported my family through all of our challenges!  You have always been there for Tanner!


  1. Way to go, Tanner! (Bet he's glad that's over and done with, though.) Veterinary medicine today is pretty amazing. I don't have access to the resources that you do, but even so, the days of simply shooting a sick animal are long, long gone, fortunately. (As it was in the small rural area I lived in when growing up.) Anyway, continued purrs and purrayers to Tanner, that he continues to be a miracle! ♥

  2. I'm glad that Tanner continues to do well! You are right about him being a miracle boy - I too am sure all the purrs have helped him.

  3. We're so glad Tanner continues to do well.

  4. Whew!!! Overall that is PAWESOME news!! You would probably hate my Mom, she tends to be "perky" in public and crabby at home.....MOL! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. Good news, Tanner ! My blood pressure always goes up in the doctor's office too ! (In spite of the atenolol I'm on) Purrs for you, sweet boy !

  6. That is wonderful news. I will keep praying for your sweet boy.

  7. That is great news, Tanner. I am glad you had good results over all.


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