Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Harrison - The Mighty Hunter

Harrison discovered a bug on the outside of the window the other day.
He chirped at it and told it to leave...

When it didn't he tried to swat it away...

He gave it two paws, but the bug held on...

The bug started to crawl higher on the screen

Harrison watched it finally leaving his domain...sometimes you don't have to kill to be a hunter, just identify and scare it away!


  1. Well done Harrison, you are indeed a Mighty Hunter.

  2. But Harrison, we bet that bug would have been crunchy-tasty! :-D

  3. So sweet. That bug 'probly wouldn't have been very tasty anyways.

  4. good job Harrison - around here we just watch them (though Daiquiri will go after flies)

  5. It's so frustrating when bugs are on the other side of the window, though!

  6. That bug was lucky to be on the outside...otherwise it woulda been toast!


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