Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner continues to do well.  He asks to play and of course joins me for dinner each night.  He is always hopeful that I will be having something he likes!  He is the only one of my boys that begs for food.
These photos are from last year, but as soon as the plate is on the table...here he comes! 
Is this something I like?  He can be rude about asking for food... 
I try to make him sit and wait patiently...

Looking at these photos from last year, I can see how far Tanner has come.  He has filled out and his fur looks much better now!

On a different note, cats going down stairs are quite comical!  Tanner does more of a bunny hop whereas the younger boys walk.  Tan is pretty stiff in his back legs from arthritis, so I'm sure this has something to do with it.  Here is a very short video of Tanner and Cousin Georgie going down the stairs.  Notice the different style.  Which style is more like your cats?  Have you noticed a change as they age?

Here it is on YouTube in case it doesn't work on this page.


  1. guys....boomer iz like tanner & dai$y iz like georgie....therz noe stepz at tuna's place....N tanner... iz that a tastee pork chop we see ther on yur momz plate !!! ♥♥♥

  2. We all pretty much rush down the stairs! Especially at dinnertime.

  3. We don't have stairs, but I can run up and down from my cat tree almost as nimbly as when I was a youngster.

  4. We're glad Tanner continues to do well. We all run down the stairs. We race the mom...and we always win. :)

  5. I am glad Tanner is doing well. I pray for him daily. Some of my cats go down the steps like Tanner does and my Lucy did like that her whole life, even when she was young. Cute video.


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