Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner is such a fun boy!  He continues to do well and is getting over a small cold.  He loves to play every night.
Here he is modelling a new "snake" bracelet.  I wrapped a pipe cleaner around his arm for him to pull off, but he kept it on and wore it while we played!  I think he liked it :)


  1. dood.....yur rockin that charm tho we iz knot sew sure bout de hole snake thing....they givez uz de heebeez !! ♥♥♥

    1. We call pipe cleaners "snakes" in our house. It helps the mancats with their hunting skills...they love to kill the snakes! Or shove them under the door :)

  2. A mancat wearing a bracelet : is this the new trend ? Purrs

  3. How stylish in Kitty-world terms - so glad he loves to play and that he is recovering.

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.

    Debby in Prescott Valley, Arizona

  4. Very stylish Tanner. I am glad he is enjoying himself.

  5. Tanner has edgy style in his bracelet. I am glad he is continuing to do well.


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