Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tanner Tuesday

Once Tanner was finished with his vet appointment the rest of his week was pretty laid back.  During the snow days and time off with him, I focused on making sure he ate well.  I did an appetite stimulant to see if that would encourage him to go ahead and eat the kidney diet food, but he still refused.  This food is lower in phosphorus than most other foods and would help bring this number down for him.  
He spent a good bit of time in the sun, soaking up the rays.  Notice his freshly shaved belly again! 
Back to eating...he is doing well, as long as it isn't kidney diet.  I need to order some of the different kidney diets in canned variety to see if he maybe would prefer another one.  He started out liking the Hills KD canned, and will still take a few licks, but will not just eat it.  We waste the majority of the can.  

For those of you with kidney cats, which brand did your cats prefer?  Or did you just not worry about it and feed whatever they want?

Here's a quick video of Tanner playing on Sunday...he has been extremely frisky lately and he asks to play a lot.  He and Oliver are doing really well about taking turns during playtime!


  1. So sorry we didn't know Tanner has been sick. I'll start purring for him right now to get better. M says the kitty before me was a kidney kitty. Finding foods she would eat was a problem. One time she'd like a certain brand, then a day later wouldn't touch it. The vet had told us that the most common complaint about cats with kidney problems is getting them to eat. Maybe keep a couple of different kinds on hand. Don't buy too large of a supply at one time because you never know when Tanner will get sick of it. Our Misty did very well on kidney diet food and it extended her life by 3 years, and she was an older girl at the time. Eventually she had to be hydrated, which we learned how to do at home. She was a good girl about it too and seemed to know that after she was hydrated, she would feel better.

  2. That is such a great video, it brought a happy tear to my eye to see Tanner enjoying life after all he has been through. I wish I had a food to recommend, but I guess you have to just keep trying and hoping he likes one.

  3. Our Zoe was CKD stage 2, we kept her on Fancy Feast Pate, Liver & Chicken or Beef and gave her RenAvast daily. After 6 months she is back to normal values.

  4. I'm glad Tanner is so lively - I don't know what to say about the kidney food. My human says Sparkle hated it all. I hope you have better luck with at least one of the brands!

  5. It is good to see Tanner happy and playing. I hope you can find kidney diet food that he likes.

  6. So glad that Tanner is eating again. Saying purrayers for Tanner, you dear sweetie.

    Debby in Arizona

  7. We are glad to know that Tanner is doing so well. Our kidney cats have always liked the KD dry. Moosey is not wild about the KD wet, but we mix it with Wellness minced chicken, and he almost always eats it all.


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