Monday, March 23, 2015

Mancat Monday

This weekend was lovely here in the was perfect window opening weather.
Everyone came to a truce and enjoyed the front window.  Left to Right - Tanner, Georgie, Pirate, Sophie. 
Oliver hung out in the living room...there is a tree right outside this window with suet feeders, so it gets a lot of activity :) 
Tanner jumped in the stroller and acted like he wanted to go for a ride, so I took him for a walk.  Today, Tanner is hanging out at the vet school getting another monthly checkup.   
These daffodils were given to me by a friend.  She saw the name of them and thought of my boy Devon.  These are called "Red Devon"  This is their first year blooming, so they look a bit scrawny...they will get stronger each year!

Do you have blooms where you live yet?


  1. It looks like it was a lovely weekend. And those daffodils are so cheery! Here it's abnormally cold, like January or February. Right now the windchill is minus 21 Celsius, so we're still frozen in winter, no spring on the horizon for us. Not until April sometime.

    Paws crossed and purrs for Tanner today.

  2. Paws crossed for a good check up for Tanner!

  3. What a lovely weekend ! Your daffodils are beautiful. We hope everything goes well for Tanner. Purrs

  4. guys...we had blooms thiz mornin...then it snowed all

    enjoy sum window wiffin for uz pleez !!

    best fishes two ewe tanner on yur chex up two day ♥

  5. Looks like you had a nice weekend !
    Over here it have been cold this weekend ( -6C)
    Hope that Tanners check up will go well.

  6. We're jealous of your open windows! It's still too cold here. And that means no blooms yet either. Hope Tanner gets a good report today!

  7. I hope Tanner has a good check up. The daffodils are pretty. We have them blooming here too.

  8. oh you have such lovely flowers!!!!! No blooms yet here...hopefully soon!

  9. How sweet that Tanner wanted to go for a walk. No blooms here, we still have a snowman :)


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