Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner has enjoyed his week off from appointments.  He continues to eat well and be active.
He did lose about 3 ounces this week, even with all of his eating...so we continue to work with him.

His GI bloodwork came back mostly normal.  His B-12 and his folate levels were fine.  The pancreas levels were mildly elevated, but she isn't concerned about that because he isn't experiencing any symptoms (vomiting, inappetence, etc...)  She also stated that there wasn't any real treatment for pancreatitis, just supporting them through the episode.

Tanner continues to be a mystery and a good medical case study for these students.  My cat mom instinct makes me think that it will just take a bit more time for his system to settle down after all he went through.  We continue to see improvements in his appetite (he eats at least 4 cans of food a day, along with dry food), we see increases in the desire to play, his coat is improved and he feels much softer.  Even though, the vets don't think we are seeing side effects from the chemo, I can't help but think we are.  

I know humans that have been through cancer treatments and they aren't 100% back to normal the day or week or month after the chemo has stopped, so I don't know why they would think an animal would bounce back that quickly.  Now, I know he didn't have the same damaging levels of chemo that humans receive, but there still has to be some effects.

For now, I will continue to support him and offer him all he wants to eat.  Either he will start to gain weight, or he will make his condition more obvious!  We will enjoy our break and live life to the fullest.

I woke up last night to the sound of two brothers washing each other in the bed...music to my ears!


  1. I am happy to hear Tanner is enjoying his life. I agree that you can't expect him to be back to normal after all the treatments, but as long as he is happy is all that matters.

  2. We're sure the side effects from chemo must last a long time, or at least vary, Being to Being. He sounds like he's doing pretty well, so that's great news. Continued purrs for him.

  3. dood...ewe knead mor trout in yur diet....that'll keep thoz ounces frum goin sum place !! ♥♥♥

  4. I am glad to hear Tanner is happy and doing well. It must surely take him a while to get over his chemo.

  5. How could side effects from chemo NOT last for quite a while? It sounds to me like Tanner is doing well, taking everything into consideration. I'm sending more purrs his way.

  6. We're glad Tanner continues to do well. And we agree with you...it probably will take some time for him to get over the chemo and all he's been through.

  7. This makes us really happy. We are just so glad that Tanner is doing so well. We'll keep on purring that his recovery from chemo will continue, and that you'll see him REALLY bounce back. :)


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