Monday, March 30, 2015

Mancat Monday

The mancats had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. The weather was too cool to open the windows, but we were able to bring in some fresh catnip to enjoy. We had a couple of shipments come in from Amazon (Tanners gifts) and the boxes had brown paper in them for the boys! 
Oliver was loving it!  I think it reminded him of his kitten days because when he came to live with us, we also had brown paper on the floor.  That was his safe spot, and he would stay on the paper when he was downstairs with us at night.  It took him a while to start venturing around the living room. 
Tanner is feeling much better these days, and I hope to hear results soon on his GI blood work from last week.

Here's a quick video showing the boys play fighting...

It's also HERE on youtube.


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