Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner is less than thrilled to be trying on Halloween costumes this year.  We only put out a couple of decorations because of two crazy pants young cats :)  But that didn't stop us from pulling out the costumes!
The real reason many of you are here, is to see how Tanner is doing with his cancer treatments.  Yesterday, Tanner spent the day at the vet school getting blood work, a urinalysis, and his chemo - Vincristine.  Then we got some good news...Instead of weekly treatments, his protocol has switched to every other week! It seems as you progress through treatment, things begin to taper...
So this will be his schedule for the next round in the treatment cycle...
10/27 - Vincristine given at vet school
11/3 - Rest week
11/10 - Cyclophosphamide given at home, quick blood draw at regular vet
11/17 - Rest week
11/24 - Doxorubicin given at the vet school
12/1 - Rest Week
12/8 - Next round begins, Abdominal Ultrasound repeated to see how we are doing
During this time, his Prednisolone dose has also been decreased again.  We are now giving 1/2 tablet every other day.
Less pills and less travel will make for a happy Tanner!  He tolerates things very well, but I know he will appreciate the change in frequency.  The rest weeks still count as part of the protocol.  His protocol is 27 weeks long.  We are currently on week 13, and if all goes well, week 27 will be February 2, 2015.
Thank you all for the continued purrs...they are working!


  1. Tanner, after all you've been through and continue to go through, we don't think it's fair you should be forced to wear ANY costume! Just sayin'. :-)

    Continued purrs to you; you're doing well!

  2. Paws up, Tanner! I think you should throw a party when your treatment is done.

  3. Tanner Tanner ..Dear Tanner
    I think your mom wanna cheer you up with the outfit :)
    I send a ton of purr to you plus paw crossed . I hope things is getting better for you real quick like magic!
    Hugs to da mom

  4. dood !! pawsum mews....even MOR blessing frum st francis two ewe N de hopez ewe will bee rid oh de nastee eeevil C once & for all !! ♥

    yay on less vet visits !!!

  5. That is good news that you get every other week off Tanner. I am purring for you to continue to do well.

  6. Tanner, we're glad you continue to do well.. And it's great that you won't have to go to the vet as often. We continue to purr for you.

  7. You are looking good, Tanner. Not too sure about that costume, though...heh, heh.

  8. You are such a great sport, Tanner. You do look pretty cute in that costume, though. :)

    Great news about the reduced frequency and dosages. Go Tanner!!!

  9. So glad Tanner is progressing enough to switch to every other week for treatment!

    Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

    All the best for a fun weekend to all of you!!


  10. It's not easy being green.....MOL! Tanner you are such a good sport! Great to see Tanner and to read that you all are on a less hectic schedule! Keeping fingers and paws crossed and prayers going! You all have a fantastic week!
    Marty and Mom

  11. Lots of healing purrs for you, Tanner!



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