Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

Tanner lost a bit of weight two weeks ago, and then gained a little bit back this past week, bringing his weight to 15 lbs 3 ounces.  We are trying not to lose any at the moment, as he is losing muscle more than fat right now, and we are still trying to make sure he is healthy and rebuilding his red cells.  He looks much better than he did a couple of weeks ago, but I am still debating about having an ultrasound done, for peace of mind!  It seems like since he came down with that terrible cold at the end of January, he hasn't been the same...he is having a hard time bouncing back completely.
Tanner still loves his baby though, even though his baby is HUGE!  Ollie has grown so fast it is hard to remember him as a tiny baby now.  Ollie is all muscle too, he is a solid cat! Ollie weighs 9lbs...he is only 7 months old!
I find Ollie sitting like this a lot...yes, he is sleeping!  If you watch him closely, he is swaying back and forth a bit...I usually go and help him lay down or snuggle with him!  He is one crazy kitten.  I am so glad that Tanner and Ollie still get along so well.  Tanner loves to wash his baby, and they will wrestle some.  Tan is learning that he doesn't have to be quite as gentle with his baby now!


  1. Ollie sleeping sitting up like that is too funny. :-)

    RE: the ultrasound: If it won't put undue stress on Tanner and you need it for peace of mind, then do it. If it *would* put undue stress on Tanner, then you need to weigh that against your peace of mind. Only you can decide what's best.

    Tanner is what, 12 now? He just had a birthday. 12 is about 70 in human years, so no, I wouldn't expect him to bounce back as quickly as he would have when he was younger. He also has other health issues (heart), right?

    Tough call. All we can do is make the best choices we can at the time, given our knowledge. I always feel like no matter what I choose (for example, re: Nicki's asthma) I'm making the "wrong" choice or not doing enough, etc..

    Such is the lot of being a human caretaker to a non-human. :-/

  2. How cute that Ollie sleeps sitting up! I do that too sometimes. I hope Tanner gets back up to his normal self soon!

  3. These pics made us smile.

    We don't blame you for needing peace of mind. We'll keep our paws crossed for him.

    Have a happy Wednesday, kittehz!

  4. Ollie looks very cute sleeping sitting up. I hope Tanner soon gets back to normal.

  5. Tanner does look better in this week's pics. He and Ollie look adorable together. Amazing about Ollie falling asleep sitting up. He looks like he is meditating! Sending purrs and positive kitty karma your way!
    Marty and Mom

  6. Ollie looks so cute sleeping like that. We are glad Tanner is holding steady.


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