Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Totally Tanner

Tanner had a nice birthday yesterday...he got many new toys.  He even scored a new X Scratcher, but he didn't sit on it, so I don't have a photo yet. 
Auntie made him cupcakes because this boy has a sweet tooth like nothing I have ever seen.  Auntie knew this would make him feel better!
Tanner enjoyed a quick lick of icing and a couple of small bites of cake...he was a happy boy!
Today at the vet, she checked noted that he didn't look quite right either, and decided to do a few things to check...
Blood pressure - normal
Tempurate - normal
Eyes- she thought he looked "stoned"
CBC - still only 28% red blood cells, but has an increase in the reticulocyte value, which means he is making red cells!
She gave us an iron supplement to help his body along, and instructions to watch him.  If he still seems "off" in a couple of weeks to a month, then she will ultrasound his abdomen and do chest x-rays to see if there is something more.  She felt comfortable waiting, since he appears to be improving ever so slowly on his own.
Tanner was happy to be back home...he got a dose of iron and went to bed :)
Ollie's FeLV/FIV test came back Negative/Negative!


  1. Sending lots of purrs Tanner's way! Great news on Ollie's results!!

  2. This is what I gave Kona for her low iron:


    It goes down easy and some cats LOVE the taste. Paws and fingers crossed for Tanner!

  3. a good birthday party...and good presents from the v-e-t

  4. Nice birthday party ! I'm glad to read good news from the vet ! Purrs, Zorro

  5. Lots of lovely presents and cake Tanner.Sending purrs to you.
    I am glad Ollie's test results were good.

  6. Continued purrs for Tanner, we hope he recovers just fine without any more vet visits.

    Great news re: Ollie's results!

  7. What a fun birthday Tanner had! We're purring lots for him and hope he continues to improve. Yay for Ollie!

  8. Keep getting better, Tanner! And hooray for Ollie's results!

  9. Sorry we are late on Tanner's birthday wish, I was gone. Happy belated birthday Tanner! Glad you had a good day! Fantastic news that you are getting better!!! Slowly is good as long as it is better!!!! We are sending you tons of healing purrs and I keep you in my prayers every night!
    Marty's Mom

  10. Tanner we hope you had a wonderful birthday that cupcake looks delicious. We are glad you are improving. More healing purrs to help the improving along.

    Great news about Ollie.

    Happy Birthday Smokey!


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