Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All About Ollie

Ollie is now 7 months old!  He is growing into a fine looking Mancat!
This photo was taken in early April.  He is quite handsome!
Ollie weighs 9.5 pounds now.  He is starting to fill out a bit and doesn't look so skinny when you look down on him.  He isn't fat, but is solid.  He and Georgie are switching to adult food now, since they are such big boys!

Ollie will sleep in this hammock in the evenings after meals.  I love how he curls his back toes!  He does this when you hold him too.  This will sound a little crazy, but I love how his feet smell.  Have you ever smelled your cats feet?  Now, not when they've just come out of the box, but when they've been sleeping with them tucked up underneath their bodies.  Go give it a try!
Ollie nurses on your hands still, and loves to squeeze in as close as possible in the night.  He wants both of your arms around him, and he will lay in the circle they make.  This is rather difficult when you are laying down, I might add!  Oh the random, uncomfortable positions we get in to please the cats!
His favorite toys are:
*Puff balls with some crinkle stuff in them
*a blue puff ball
*jelly beans from casbah kitten
*the toy and refill from Japan
*Georgie and Tanner
Well, that's an update on Oliver Hughes!  He is a love and I'm so happy to have him.


  1. He looks huge...tall, we mean! Like a statue of a cat, very regal. :-)

    MOL @ his favourite toys being (among others) Georgie and Tanner.

  2. My human has a Bast statue replica and it looks just like Ollie!

  3. What a nice update on your little man. He reminds me of my first cat, Satchmo. An all black Siamese. Mom was a Seal Point Siamese. My boy talked to me all the time.

    Enjoy !!!

  4. Ollie is growing into a very handsome house panther. :)

  5. You're turning into a beautiful mancat Ollie ! You're pawsome ! Purrs

  6. Thanks for the update on Oliver. Can't believe how much he has grown and what a beautiful Panfur he is!
    Marty's Mom


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