Monday, March 03, 2014

Mancat Monday

The mancats had a pretty good weekend.  We had some lovely weather and they were able to go outside for a few minutes.  It was in the 70's here on Sunday, so we all enjoyed the sunshine and warmth!  Today, we are back to sleet and freezing rain :(
 Smokey loves going outside and eating grass.  He explores the yard and usually ends up in the side yard, where the sun is beating down on him, taking a nice warm nap.
Tanner and Cousin Pirate found the small catnip plant that has survived the winter.  It should start growing soon and will be quite large by the end of summer.  It is still pretty potent and the boys loved getting high from it!
Ollie and Cousin Georgie do not get to come outside like this for 'free time' yet.  They are still too unpredictable and wild!  They did go for a stroller ride around a couple of neighborhoods and had a nice time.  They love to stroll.  You can't see them, but trust me, they are in there! 
Tanner's eye started running again, so we are doing more drops.  It is still a touch swollen, as you can see below.  This is looking pretty good compared to what it was before...
Here is a link to a video showing Tanner getting vacuumed.  He loves it!  It was a treat for him this weekend, since he has been feeling so poorly lately.  He doesn't want or get vacuumed everytime, but he was in the mood, and enjoyed it this weekend!


  1. Okay, Tanner, you're nuts. That's all we can say. (We watched the video!)

    Purrs for your eye to heal soon.

    And oh, we're jealous of your bare ground. We'd be excited for just 0C/32F temps, never mind temps in the 70s F.


  2. MOL, I can't imagine sitting still like Tanner to be vacuumed! I hope that eye thing of his goes away soon. You had much nicer weather than we did this weekend, but what can I say, we needed the rain! It's pretty and sunny today, though.

  3. You are funny Tanner. I only have to see the vacuum come out of the cupboard and I am gone.

  4. Tanner, we run from the vacuum! We sure hope your eye gets better soon.

  5. Tanner, you're totally nuts ! The vacuum is our enemy ! We hope your eye will get well soon. Glad to see that you could enjoy some sun puddles on the ground. Purrs

  6. Aww, poor Tanner, I have that with my eye sometimes too, the vet thinks it's allergies. I'm purring for you my friend.

  7. Glad (almost) everyone got to enjoy the outdoors! Poor Tanner, really hoping his eye gets all better, it is really worrisome. Renn HE that came before loved to be vacuumed too!
    Purrs and Pats
    Marty and Mom


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