Thursday, March 13, 2014

All About Ollie

Ollie will be turning 6 months old this month.
He has been losing his baby teeth.  Here is a top canine tooth, freshly lost.  Auntie happened to see it on the floor, after we noticed a bit of blood on Cousin Georgie's neck!
Ollie is also growing in the pre-molars in the back of the mouth, and his poor gums are so red and irritated right now.
Click Here to see a page diagramming the dental anatomy of cats. 
This is a current photo of him. Here are some facts about the one and only Oliver Hughes!
  1. He weighs 7 lbs 14 ounces.
  2. He can jump almost 5 feet in the air trying to catch his favorite toy!
  3. He is more confident in exploring his home, including climbing bookshelves, and getting on the wall mounted bookshelves you can see at the top of this photo!
  4. He is a pretty good rule follower, and does not have to be told repeatedly to stop doing something, or to get down.
  5. He still loves to nurse on your fingers, especially when he is tired
  6. He doesn't sit in laps real often, but will seek you out at times. He does snuggle close in the bed though.
  7.  He talks A LOT!
  8. He loves going for stroller rides
  9. He helps around the house (photos below)
  10. He experienced his first snow, although we missed going out in it, but we did go out after the next sleet/snow event :)
He fills the bird seed containers...
He sorts pinto beans... 

First sleet event...getting his feet cold!  He was so curious about all the sounds around him...
He is a super fun boy, and has changed so much from that helpless little kitten we picked up 5 months ago!  Way to grow up Ollie!


  1. Wow- he has grown up. Looking at photos today, I can see a Siamese body shape. Do you see it? Picture him with a buff body color and dark points. What'cha think?
    You said he talks a lot and the Siamese breed is very "voiciferous".
    Ollie is a beauty!

  2. Ollie sure is growing up! He's growing into a handsome mancat. :)

  3. Ollie is growing up into quite the guy! And he is already bigger than I am!

  4. Ollie is growing into a beautiful guy ! Has the tooth fairy already come ? Purrs

  5. Ollie is growing up so quickly, and into such a handsome young mancat. He seems like a real sweetheart...We're so happy he has a wonderful forever home!

  6. He really is growing! What a wonderful addition to your family. So glad you found each other!


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