Monday, March 10, 2014

Mancats Bake

The other week, we had a snow storm.  And while, it was nothing compared to what many of you have been getting all winter, it was a big deal for us here in the South.  As usual, things were shut down for a period of time, which was fine with me...I always welcome time at home to spend with the boys! 
The snow was very pretty while falling.  It snowed like this most of the day...I was glad to get to watch it from a warm house. 
The bird feeders were very popular!  We have many cardinals that come around and they are so pretty against the backdrop of white.  I took many photos from inside the house that day...this was one of my favorites.
Now, on to the mancats!  What better way to pass time than to bake some cookies?  Auntie started getting the ingredients together, and of course Ollie had to help.  He is a very curious boy, and loves to be a part of the action.  Watching Auntie spoon some flour into the measuring cup. 
Getting a closer look at the flour container... 
You have to level the is important to use accurate measurements when baking.

Finally, the batter is done...watching to see that Auntie doesn't leave any behind on the beaters.
Thanks Ollie...I don't think Auntie could have done it without you!


  1. Ollie is such a star baker! What a chef!! Bet the cookies were totally yummy too!

    Awwww we LOVED the pic of that beautiful bird in mid-flight! Lovely!

    Brrrrr - looks very cold! Take care

  2. That's a terrific capture of the cardinal! Wow!!

    Ollie, we are super-impressed with your baking skills! Maybe you could come and give our human a paw, since she's hopeless in the kitchen.

  3. I wish my human would make some cookies for us kitties! She keeps promising (she has a couple of recipes for cat treats), but so far no luck!

  4. Great picture of the cardinal ! Ollie seems really helpful in the kitchen ! Purrs

  5. Ollie the baking kitty! Love the pics!
    Mom and Marty

  6. We can see how much of help Ollie was!

  7. Cat Fur Cookies are the tastiest kind!

  8. You get to help your mum bake? MOUSES! I NEVER get to do fun stuff like that. Think I'm gonna have to have a little chat with the peeps.

    Oh Peepers...



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