Monday, January 13, 2014

Mancat in Training

There are many things to learn before you can be a is how to take care of the fish!
Ollie had to use some ingenuity to get close enough to the fish to help...this statue works perfectly!
Note: the statue was moved, but now Ollie can simply jump up on the table!
 Hello Mr are you doing today?  You smell nommy!  Oops, I mean...can I give you some noms today?
I will sit up here and keep you warm Mr Fish!
Note: Mr Fish has a lid that clamps to the tank, so he should be safe :)  Thankfully, after this day of being overly curious about the fish, Ollie has since left him alone!  This one is keeping me on my toes!


  1. We're super-impressed with your ingenuity, Ollie. Attending to Mr. Fish's needs is a huge job, kudos to you. Now, let's see if you can figure out a way to open those clamps! :-D

  2. clamps on the fish tank - darned!

    our local shelter has fish tanks and while the adult kitties don't seem to care for the most part, the kittens are generally fascinated...and some find the filter and try to go fishing. MOL

  3. My human used to have frogs for about 6 or 7 years and we kitties LOVED to supervise their care. I don't think the frogs appreciated it, though.

  4. Love the photo of Ollie standing on the statue!

  5. That's like your own personal Fish TV, Ollie!

  6. I help my dad-person efurry morning to give our fishes *noms*
    I love to take naps on top of the aquarium too :)

  7. I absolutely love black cats. My first cat was Satchmo. His Mom was a Sealpoint Siamese so he talked all the time. Your little one reminds me so much of him.



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