Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday - A Video

Tanner has been on his diet for one week now.  He really seems to enjoy the canned food and remarkably he acts full at times!  If he eats about 1/2 a can then he will not bother us for food for several hours.  This is a huge improvement!
Weigh in on Sunday showed a LOSS of 2 ounces...he now weighs 19lb 12oz.  WTG Tanner!
The adequan injections seem to be helping as well.  The protocol is for Tanner to receive 0.2ccs every 4 days for 6 doses, and then as needed.  So far, he has received two injections and already we are seeing improvements.  He is jumping for his string and running through his tunnel to chase it.  It's great to see him feeling well and moving more!
Here's a quick video showing him using the egg.  There isn't sound on it, but he was so funny...everytime a piece would fall out, he would purr and purr!  The boy loves to eat.  He gets a heaping 1/8 cup of dry food a day.  We are splitting this into two "egg fills" a day.

Thanks to everyone for sending "thin" thoughts...they are working.  Keep 'em coming our way as we continue on this lifestyle change for Tanner.


  1. This is a great update! We hope Tanner's weight loss continues, as does his improved mobility. :-)

  2. Paws up for Tanner - he is doing a GREAT job! I love how laid back he is with that treat egg - Binga would be frantically trying to get every last piece of food out!

  3. Good job, Tanner! We hope his weight loss continues so he can have better mobility. We used to have a treat ball, and would push it with our nose until something fell out, too, Tanner.

  4. Pawsome! Way to go, Tanner! Keep up the great work, buddy!

  5. Good job on the weight loss, Tanner. I know how tough it can be, as I was put on a diet, too.


  6. nice post on losing weight here meh

    I learnt something from the part where you wrote " If he eats about 1/2 a can then he will not bother us for food for several hours. This is a huge improvement! "
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