Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

This is an older picture of Tanner...he would be about 7 in this picture.  It was taken at the townhouse, when we did a lot of kitten fostering.  Notice all the black rocks on the hearth where the kittens pulled them out of the fireplace!

Tanner had another great week! 

Current Weight: 18lbs 14 ounces...weekly loss was 7 ounces, total loss is now 1 pound!!

Tanner has a special surprise coming in the mail this week for doing so well.

We did not change his plan when we spoke with the vet...we feel he is doing well, we will leave the current plan in place for now. 

We truly appreciate all the support we are feeling with this blog and the comments!  Thank you all for the thin thoughts and encouragement. 


  1. This is fantastic! A pound is a lot on such a small Being, so well done, Tanner!

  2. Wow Tanner that is fantastic you keep doing exactly what you've been doing because you're doing grrrrreatttt!

  3. Yeah! Way to go, Tanner! This is such fantastic news, buddy. Keep up that great work, okay? :)

  4. Go Tanner go! You all have inspired me to get back on my diet ;-)
    Thanks Tanner !

  5. Way to go, Tanner! We're sure you'll feel good and svelte before you know it.


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