Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday - A New Plan

Tanner has a new diet plan!  We spent a bit of time at the vet on Monday asking questions about his weight and trying to devise a plan to help him lose weight.  Tanner currently weighs 19 lbs 14 oz.  He is abundantly obese! The vet would like to see him down to 15 he needs to lose almost a quarter of his body weight.
Here is the plan...Tanner needs about 250 kcals a day.  He will be getting two cans of the Royal Canin Calorie Control food a day for a total of 200 kcals.  He can then have a scant more than 1/8th of a cup of RC Calorie Control dry food.  This dry food will be placed in a egg toy and placed in a different location each day.  Tanner will have to 1) walk to find the egg, and then 2) work to remove the food. 
We are slowly transitioning over to this much canned food, so it doesn't upset his stomach. 
I gave him a can yesterday and he enjoyed it and gobbled it right up!  He's never been one to shy away from new foods.
We are to continue to weigh him weekly and report back to the vet mid-August.
Fingers crossed this plan will help him.  I certainly don't want him to become diabetic and I know as he ages, we are pushing our luck.  I also don't want him to blow a knee out or something jumping with that extra weight.
We have also started him on the Adequan injections for arthritis.  Smokey and Cousin Sophie take this every two weeks and it has helped tremendously.  We are hoping this will help him to feel better and therefore he will want to move more.
We'll keep you posted his progress and would appreciate some serious "thin" thoughts coming our way!


  1. Sending lots of "thin" thoughts to Tanner! At least he likes the canned, we're pretty picky. :-p

  2. We are cheering for Tanner. We know how hard it is to have your food cut down a bit. We'll check back to see how you're doing pal.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  3. Paws crossed your plan works! Keep us posted on Tanner's progress - we are cheering him along!

  4. Here comes moore paws crossed that your plan will work !
    I have a treatball that my mom-person put dryfood in and then I have to push it around to get the food out :)

  5. Paws crossed and lots of purrs and prayers that this new diet works for Tanner! Moosey eats Royal Canin Calorie Control, and it has worked well. Hugs!

  6. We sure hope the plan works! We have a couple of those "treat balls." Mom says she's gonna get those out and make us work for our food too.

  7. I have got my paws crossed for Tanner's diet to work.

  8. We're not quite sure how we abundantly proportioned kitties ourselves can send "thin" thoughts, but we'll sure try!! :)

    We hope you have good luck with the diet. You have reminded Mom Julie to address this issue with us, particularly Anastasia who is turning into a little doughgirl. xx

    And, we didn't want to forget to thank you for sending comforting purrs when we lost Tom to the Bridge. We miss him.

    Mom Julie, Tinker (the thin man), Mittens, and Anastasia

  9. Dad put our Buddy on Wet when he started limping. He was a kibble addict so that Tanner likes the wet is great.


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