Monday, July 22, 2013

Mancat Monday

Smokey and Sophie wear magnetic collars, which allow them access to food inside a cage upstairs.  This food is available at all times, since they both need help maintaining their weight and quite frankly could stand to gain about 1/2 pound each.
Here, Smokey shows off how the magnetic collar attracts many strange things around the house!
Here is a photo of the upstairs cage...
This cage is 24x36 inches and quite large.
Smokey and Sophie use this cage daily for their meals and snacks.  There is hard food available at all times, and at night a can of food (with crushed hard food added to it) is also available.  Recently though, Smokey has taken to sleeping harder and sometimes does not remember to go upstairs to eat during the day.  His weight was going down and I decided to get a second cage for the downstairs, so he would have options.
 Here is our handyman friend over installing the new door in the new cage...Smokey was just checking it all out!
The new cage, with Smokey inside :)  This cage is much smaller...I think it is 18x24.  It is a little bit short, but he and Sophie fit and will go in there to eat.  We started out with just dry food, but have now resigned to putting some canned food in there as well. 

The things we do for our older babies!


  1. What a great idea! Mommy says she does crazy things for us, too. Reminds her of the song, "The Things You Do For Love".

  2. We think that's a very creative solution, our human never would have thought of that!

  3. From the last photo, it looks like the system is working!

  4. Awwwwww that's just so brilliant!! Awwwww! Smokey!! Hope you find lots of treats in your new place to eat! Yay! take care

  5. My human needs to do this for me - I am so fed up with Binga stealing my dinner!

  6. What a wonderful idea! Now you have private dining whenever you want!

  7. That's a great idea! When Angel Graphite was still alive, we installed a magnetic door to the second bedroom, so that he had ready access to his food. :)


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