Monday, December 17, 2012

Secret Santa Paws

Our Secret Santa package arrived last Wednesday, and we opened it right away!  We were excited to find out that it came from the Random Felines!
Devon and Sophie checking out the box to make sure all the gifts had been taken out...we don't want to miss one!
Sophie gets in the box for a closer look...
Tanner reads the card to everyone...
The boys ended up with lots of wonderful gifts...a Kong kickeroo, some mice, a compressed catnip ball, TWO new cubes, some truffles for mom, and the best of all was the catnip bubbles!
We have never seen bubbles and were all fascinated by them...Smokey, Tanner and Devon all watching the bubbles...
Tanner coming up for a closer inspection.  We have played with the bubbles every day since we got them...

Thank you to the Random Felines for the lovely package...we are thankful we chose to open the package right away and not wait like we normally do. 

We also want to thank everyone who came by to leave a kind word about Devon...we are still in shock, and waiting for the report to maybe know what happened.


  1. Merry Catmas.....we are glad you liked everything and are very glad Devon got a chance to enjoy the presents too

  2. How sweet that Devon got to share in the joy. Higs from all of us.

  3. Oh wow!! Christmas came early for you beautiful kitties! Yay! Take care

  4. Oh, yes, if ever there was a good time to open a package early, this was it. So glad Devon got to share in it.

    We figure this was a happy but sad post, so we're sending extra hugs.

  5. Beautiful gifts, although of course bittersweet that Devon got to open the box but not long to enjoy the toys.

    The Chans

  6. Those are wonderful photos and a nice memory of Devon.

    What great gifts. The lady remembers catnip bubbles from many years ago!

  7. How fun! This is how I want to remember Devon - enjoying Christmas gifts from his Secret Paws.

  8. We LOVE seeing everyone get their presents! Tanner, you are so sweet to have read that card to everyone. Purrs...from your friends at

  9. What a great Secret Paws package! It's nice to see Devon having some fun. We send you lots of purrs because we know how bittersweet this must be.

  10. We are happy that Devon was able to enjoy some holiday fun. We are sending lots of purrs and hugs to al of you.

  11. We're just stopping by to check on you....

    Purrs and peace,

    Nicki & Derry


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