Thursday, July 05, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

We've been having the really hot hots here lately, and Tanner is thankful for his fountain.  I thought about entitling this post, "Mancats have a drinking problem"...take a look...
 This fountain has a stream of water flowing out of it...behind Tanner's head.  He loves to put his chin over the stream and drink from the base...his neck and chin get all wet in the process.
 Another view of the preferred drinking pose...
 Now sometimes, he'll move to the side and just lick the plastic bowl...not sure he's actually getting any water this way...
 Finally he figured it out!
 Yummy, this is nice fresh water!
Oops back to the problem drinking...getting the chin all wet!  It's funny too, that he'll walk around the plant in the corner to get in the preferred drinking spot, instead of just walking up to the fountain. 

My boys are all crazy!


  1. Tanner is adorable :-) We have a very similar fountain and all the boys enjoy a drink from it but Casper especially likes to play in the water stream...his head is always wet!!!

  2. He's very good with that fountain.
    Have a great day.

    We can't have a fountain cuz Bugsy would chew through the cord...

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  3. Haha! Tanner, you tell your mom that you like getting your chin all wet! Then you can lick it off!

    We have a fountain but it only bubbles water stream...and if we stick our nose in, it tickles our nose!

  4. hehehe... Maybe the water tastes better that way? You never know. purrs

  5. If my chin got wet every time I tried to take a drink, I would consider that a drinking problem! Tanner IS a little bit crazy.

  6. That looks so cool and delishus. We can't have a fountain cause that rugrat Princeton would be standin in it! Enjoy your water.

  7. MOL. That's funny! Moosey would do this for sure. He will stick his head under the bathtub faucet if we turn it on ... it's like he enjoys getting all wet! :)


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