Monday, July 09, 2012

Mancats Rock!

Yesterday, we were watching the Tour de France, and the boys wondered where their winners jersey's were.  I had picked this shirt jersey up for Devon several weeks ago, so we put it on those that wanted to wear it...
 Smokey looks like a true Rocker in the winners jersey...
 Pirate was the most enthusiastic until it came time to actually wearing the jersey!
Devon was an old pro and did not really mind wearing the fit him like a glove! 

None of the others wanted to try the jersey on...they are happy to be spectators!


  1. We wouldn't want to wear a jersey, either, and are impressed that some of you didn't mind TOO much. :-)

  2. The boys over here would wear it cuz it would go with their eyes.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Awwwww Pirate and Devon and Smokey are adorable with their fab jerseys! Take care

  4. Hmmm... it looks like they are ALL giving you the back of disrespect!

  5. You guys look pretty sporty in your jerseys!

  6. You can be glad that your mom bought you a nice jersey !
    My mom bought me one with the text = I´m not fat , just fluffy !

  7. What a cool jersey! You boys wear it well!


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