Monday, July 02, 2012

Mancat Monday

This edition of Mancat Monday will focus on the largest of our mancats - Tanner.

Tanner has had a few changes take place over the last few months.  You might remember we started him on an anti-anxiety medicine called Amitryptaline (sp).  He used this for one month, it was an ear cream.  We saw some behavior improvements in him, but it was not his miracle drug.  We switched over to Reconcile (Prozac).  This has given us the results we were looking peeing anywhere but the box, not nervous around the other cats (primarily Pirate), able to stand up for himself if a bopping match starts, all around a calmer, more confident cat.  We are pleased!

We tried the diet that Disco has been on and doing so well with...we had limited success.  Tanner just simply eats too much.  We have now moved to the prescription diet recommended by the nutritionists at the vet school.  This is working well, and Tanner and his brothers are learning how to eat on a schedule.  This has been a huge adjustment for them.  The main problem for some of them (Devon) is that he hasn't learned to eat enough when the bowl is available.  Then the next time it is available, he over eats and gorges himself.   Anyone that has switched to a scheduled feeding have any suggestions about how to help Devon understand?

Tanner's Diet - Royal Canin Satiety Support, he gets 1 cup a day, and typically doesn't eat it all.  He still gets canned food in the evenings.  He started at 19.6lbs, and is now down to 18.14lbs...we are making progress.

You can see the boys still get plenty of fresh catnip to munch on, especially on the weekends. 

That's about it...happy Mancat Monday to you all!


  1. Good fur you Tanner, I am sure you are much happier!!!

  2. Oohhh.... LOOK AT THAT NIP! What a lucky guy you are. purrs

  3. Tanner, we're glad you're doing well!

    We sort of have scheduled feedings...kind of. Well, we're not allowed to free feed. But when the mom is home on weekends and holidays, we get fed more frequently than when she's at work during the week. Same amount, just more feedings. She can't resist us when we sit in the kitchen and stare at her, or when we pester (her word) her for food.

  4. Glad to hear that you are doing well Tanner :)
    OMC !
    Do you have a whole forest with Nip ??!!
    No no I´m not envie you at all *MOL*

  5. Tanner, we're happy to know you feel better with the new medicine, and that you are losing weight. Our May Ling has pee problems, we may have to talk to the vet about prozac.

  6. It sounds like there is a lot of good progress with Tanner! As far as the food situation, some kitties are just different from others. I have to be fed separately from the others because I don't eat much at one sitting, while the other two hoover their food and will eat mine too after I've had a couple of bites and gone off. I do best by being isolated from the other cats for part of the day to graze as I please. But that is just me.

  7. Wow, you have a lot of nice things around you. Hope you have a fun and happy Monday :)xx

  8. Big hugs to adorable Tanner!! Awwww! What a cutie!! We hope you get some advice about Devon - hope he adjusts to scheduled eating asap!! Take care

  9. Is all of that nap??? OMC! We can't imagine all of that! So glad to hear all is better at your house.

  10. Thank you so much for your kind words about our Chevelle.
    The Creek Cats, Maggie May and Mom

  11. We used to always have a bowl of dry kibble out and grazed all day. A couple of years ago we switched to feedings of our raw food just in the morning and evening. Even though the food gets picked up if we don't eat it in 30 minutes, it's all usually gone in less than 5 minutes. It just took us a couple of days to adjust to the schedule

  12. Yay for you, Tanner! We're happy you're doing so well. :)

  13. I am so happy that Tanner is doing so much better. When I was an only cat, I nibbled at my food. Now that I have competition from Spyro, I have learned to eat more when the food is put out. Maybe Devon will adapt, just as I did.


  14. Feeding a group of cats is problematic. We have given up and feed free choice. Two bowls are out, one Castor and Pollux Organix, the other is Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul. The Chicken Soup brand is emptied first. Pibbs has taken to guarding the food bowls, big stinker he is. They all get a serving of canned every day.
    We had a cat that would vomit after eating. Vet said it was anxiety and we tried kitty prozac ear cream. No more up-chucking after a meal. Cats can be so complicated!


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