Monday, March 05, 2012

Mancats and Contest Winner

Wow, showing off toesies for the contest was hard work...we are thankful to be off duty now! 

Thanks to everyone who played, whether for fun or to win, we are glad you all liked our toesies!

Now to announce the winner...Sweet Purrfections!

There were four correct guesses from the comments...the order of the toes were Tanner, Devon, Pirate, Sophie and Smokey.

Now the mancats (and Sophie) are taking a much needed rest today...Happy Mancat Monday to you all.


  1. Awww, what a well deserved rest you can all have now. Mummy says that is the perfect room, full of lovely snuggly kitties :)xx

  2. Concats to Brulee and Truffle for winning!

    Of course we missed the contest, because our human hasn't been in the mood to blog much the past couple of months....LOL.

  3. How did we miss that? Mum must be slacking. Concats to Truffle and Brulee.

  4. Yay! We are so excited. We sent you an email with our information. Thanks for sponsoring the contest. This was fun!

    Truffle and Brulee

  5. Yay for sweet purrfections!! That was a fiendish and very clever competition! Brilliant! Take care

  6. Concatulations to the Truffle and Brulee!

  7. That was a lot of fun! Congratulations to Truffle and Brulee!

  8. Now that looks like a purrfect start to the week! Concats to Truffle and Brulee and Mom Paula!

  9. Wow, that was fun! Concatulations to Truffle and Brulee!


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