Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Trouble on Tuesday

We were not on top of things enough to get in on the Mystery event the other week, but we do have a mystery at our house.  The guest room covers and pillows will not stay straightened up!
 These blankets are here so the cats can lay on these beds if they want...but they are normally covering the pillows completely...very strange that these blankets are all messed up!
 Here is another shot of that same bed...again you can see the blankets messed up, and the pillows are squished down, like someone has been laying on them.
The other bed isn't as bad, but still the blankets have been scratched at a bit...

I find this room like this pretty much every day...and I fix the blankets...I feel like I am stuck in a Groundhog Day movie!  Of course the boys are denying any part of this, but I have my suspicions!  I don't think it is Auntie causing the trouble...

Who knows, maybe the boys are trying to tell me that these blankets don't match the comforters and I have made a decorating faux pas in this guest room!


  1. tehehehe. they r just making blanket bisquits☺ in cuddles!

  2. Maybe you need to fix up a hidden camera in that room. Who knows WHAT you might find.

  3. It looks like someone prefers to make their own bed.

  4. LOL Something like that happens in my spare room most every day. But usually the culprit is still there- a big black poodle girl. She sneeks in while I iron DH's work clothes.

  5. I bet they're working together... no one cat can do all of those thinsg!

  6. We think it was NOT ME that messed the beds. He's been at our house too.


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