Friday, August 05, 2011

House Trashing Party

Welcome to our first ever House Trashing Party!! We are so excited that you came...let's get to trashing...We have lots of good things to eat and drink, so we'll have energy enough to do a proper trashing job!
We have lobster...nom nom

Fish...our personal favorite
Ham - a crowd favorite!
Hamburgers...our mom would be so jealous!

This lovely Nemo cake...we hope it tastes as good as it looks!

You can't have cake without ice cream...Tanner will love the chocolate sauce!
Drinks to wash it all down...
And some more lively drinks to get the party started! Trash on everyone!


  1. We're on our way! We wouldn't miss a house-trashing! We'll bring some fresh garden nip and some *really* potent dried that we just got!

    Woohoo! Let's party!

  2. Yay!! Me and Charlie are diving straight into the Nemo Cake!!! What a great party, thank you!!!!!

    Take care

  3. woohooooo, I love icecream. I am racing over right away with Simba closely behind :)xx

  4. Yay, the food is scrumptious, especially the shrimp, lobster, fish fillets, ice cream - ha, we love food of all kinds and we love house trashing parties!

  5. WOW! I see I'm just in time for the fun stuff...and will gladly pitch in with the trashing!!!

  6. Whoo hoo! We are on our way over! We want some lobster! And ice cream with the Nemo cake!

    Luf, Us

  7. Being a dood, i luf a good house-trashing! Let the pawty start!

  8. Oh my gosh look at all that great food, we don't know where to start!!! Great party kids :-)

  9. Oh man, we are so ready to trash a house!! We're gonna nom first on this yummy foods to give us some much needed energy...then we are ready to trash!!

  10. What a fun party! And we get to trash the house too. I call that a double treat!

  11. Yayyy! We love a good house trashing, and lots of lovely food too.

  12. Wow! Can I join the party? All look so delicious and yummy.

    Enjoy the party.

    Cassy from Lead Guitar Lessons

  13. Hmmm, looks like it may still be open today -- Saturday!!!! I'll keep checking, we could use another day of trashing.

  14. We love a good house trashing pawty! Thanks for having us over for the fun! :)


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