Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Contest and Commentathon

Cascades e-Boutique launched a new line of cat houses last month. Some of you saw the Tee-Pee on Catsparella's site, and entered to win. Well, we are running a contest as well, and you can choose to win either the Chalet or the Teepee. We selected the Chalet for our home and the boys love it!
Smokey was excited when it arrived...he is waiting for me to open the box. The instructions are clearly printed on the packaging...
Devon, Cousin Sophie and Tanner all watch, as I try to assemble the chalet...
Hurry up will you?
Devon is making sure I am following the steps correctly...There were quite a few steps, but it was easy to follow...
Still working...the chalet is quite large!
Finshed!! Sophie has already gone in to check it out...Devon is inspecting the outside...
Devon heads in...what fun!
Tanner takes a turn, so even large kitties can enjoy the chalet.

If you would like to win a chalet or a teepee, please leave a comment below. This will be for US viewers...However, if you live in another country, please feel free to enter, and the Four Crazy Cats will send you a gift package as well!

In the comments, please note where you live...comments accepted until August 21st at midnight, EST. Mom will select the winners on the 22nd.

Also...Mom will donate $0.50 for each comment to Sammy, Andy and Shelly's mom. In case you haven't heard, they are having a difficult and uncertain time, and this may help ease their stress a bit.(One comment per household please)

Ok great...let's get started!


  1. You're doing a great thing!

    We had a giveaway too on for the Teepee from Cascades so we'll opt out of the contest. We love our Teepee!

  2. We've seen a few kitties have these awesome chalets now (or the teepee). The mom won't let us have one (we're in Canada anyway) because Nicki "eats" cardboard and would have it gone in oh, about a week. Maybe two at the outside. :-)

    Your comment-a-thon is a wonderful idea, kudos for doing it! We had made a donation and we're bidding in the auction too. We have our paws crossed for Mom Judi and the entire family!

  3. Say! That chalet looks like FUN! And Tasty, says Scouty.

  4. We won the teepee when The Monkeys had their giveaway, so we'll opt out of the contest. We got our teepee and mom set it up for us, but so far we've only sniffed it. Mom says we should get in there!!

    And what a nice thing you are doing to raise $$ for SAS! We know they will appreciate it.

  5. Hi there !
    I don´t wanna win anything , just leave a little comment :)
    I have a house similar to yours at home and I love it too :)
    Have a pawsome tuesday !!!

  6. Hi! We will enter so that SAS gets some more money!

    Luf, Us

  7. We are afraid to go into enclosed thingys (except Tuck who goes under the duvet) so no thanks on the teepee/chalet. But we do want you to send more moneys to Sammy, Andy and Shelly!

    Lizzie & 3 kitties

  8. I still think that TeePee is way cool!

  9. You guys took turns? What, no smacky paws to see who gets to claim the cabin? I think the commenthon you are doing is pawsome!

  10. That chalet is cool... We live in florida... I think Bugsy and Knuckles would really love it.

    pawhugs, Max

  11. Awww yay for this amazing chalet and double yay for adorable Devon, Tanner, Smokey and Cousin Sophie!! They did such a great job of snoopervising!! Hoorah!!

    Awwww what great giveaway and what a lovely commentathon!! Me and Charlie hope to participate in SAS's auction too! Yay! take care

  12. That is a great looking chalet. We are leaving our comment for the commentathon. It is great that you are doing it to help SAS.

  13. well I must say your mom is MUCH smarter than mine when it comes to putting together the Chalet!

    I'm not entering either because my Mom had a give-away on my blog too (our winners will be announced tomorrow!)

    I have the Teepee and the Chalet and love them but my Mom had a horrible time putting the Chalet together! Yours looks much better than ours! MOL!
    Glad my comment can by part of the commentathon too!

  14. Thank you for helping out SAS. I'm sure it's really appreciated.

    Please enter Truffle and Beignet in your contest. They'll be home with me in less than two weeks and I'm sure they'd love one of those homes.

    Mom Paula (USA)

  15. Wow, that looks like fun! We would love the chalet, if we won. Thank you for helping Sammy, Andy and Shelly (and Mom Judi, too)!

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  17. So nice of you to have a comment-a-thon for SAS. While the chalet looks cool, I think Taffy would like the teepee best. She's very petite and likes things closer around her.

    Laura and Taffy


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