Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tales on Tuesday

Our mom and Auntie and a couple of their friends went away for the weekend...they took our Flat selves with them. Can you tell where they were?
This is Stanley...he had heard of Flat Stanley, and was very excited to stand with us...
This is an ox...he was making his way very, very slowly down this main street. He drew a lot of attention...we were thankful mom did try to get him to pose with our flats.
This was Anita...she was blocking off the main street because of a re-enactment that was about to take place...

Any thoughts about where we could be?


  1. Sturbridge Village MA? Looks like a great place to enjoy. So glad the flats got a chance to go as well.

  2. Well, we don't know for sure, being in Canada, but we suspect it must have something to do with pilgrims landing, since it's close to your Thanksgiving!

  3. We're going to guess Williamsburg! Looks like a beautiful day for going back in time.

  4. Being Canadian I am at a bit of an historical disadvantage here, but are you in Colonial Williamsburg?

    Your flat cats are fantastic!!!

  5. ERm.... er...!! Somewhere lovely where the people dress up and re-enact thanksgiving!! Yay!!

    Hello there lovely Four Crazy Cats flats!!!

    Take care

  6. Oh my, that could be lots of places...so I'll just say I'm lost!!!

  7. Oh my your flats look so good with those people. They looked like they enjoyed have some kittens in their hands. Those pictures are terrific. Take care and have a great day.

  8. We guess Williamsburg like some of the other kitties! Looks like a great place!!

  9. That looks like a lovely place to visit, and as we are going in reverse, we know where it is now.


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