Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Handmade Parade

The other week a neighboring town had a unique parade. The flats thought it would be fun to see what it was about. They had never been to a handmade parade before!
Here they are hanging out with the first creature to go through the parade...
This blue bird family were sweet enough to pose with the Flats! They were lucky the flats didn't eat them for dinner!
Various puppets in the parade...a huge butterfly!
A spooky looking creature...
A great white owl!
A bat for Devon!
There were even some musicians in the parade. The requirements for entering were that you wore a costume that you had made. We believe there were over 500 participants! It was fun, and we will try to go again next year.


  1. That looks like flat out fun!!!

  2. What a great idea for a parade! Our city doesn't do anything like that at all.

  3. Wow! What a fun parade!! And it's nice that the flats got to be part of it!

  4. Nice parade! Ours is not like that.So glad the flats were there.

  5. Wow ! Great Parade, I see lots of smile there. Thanks for sharing : )

  6. Oh wow!! What a great way to be creative and to use your imagination!! It's brilliant!!! The spooky owl was superb!! Aww well done the Flats for not eating the sweet bluebirds! Awwww! Thanks for sharing these fabulous pics! Take care

  7. How very fun! Kinda hippie dippie and far out!


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