Tuesday, April 27, 2010

W is for...

Now on to the letter W...
WINDOW WATCHING - Devon and Smokey enjoy looking out the windows, whether they are open or not. Fresh air just makes for a special treat!
WAITING - Tanner waiting on the table at the vet school for the cardiologist to come in. He does not enjoy going to the vet, but he normally gets a touch of 'happy juice' to help him relax :)
WANDERING - Smokey wandering through the yard eating some yummy grass!
WHITE WHISKERS - Jack was a cute foster kitten with white whiskers. I love how black and white cats have multiple colored whiskers normally. These white ones really stand out on his black face. He was adopted with his brother Sean.
WIPED-OUT - Devon is wiped out and laying on a comfy blanket.
WINTER - Lest we forget as we enjoy the beautiful spring weather...
WASHING - Whether you are washing yourself, or a catnip toy it doesn't matter...
WISCONSIN - I love to take pictures of license plates when I am out traveling...I also collect magnets of each place I visit.

How do you like to remember your vacation spots?

Stay tuned...tomorrow is X....


  1. Love Devon & Smokey looking out the window, almost in unison. Great pictures and W's/

  2. Awwww lovely W post!

    Devon, Smokey and Tanner are as gorgeous as ever! I love Devon wiped out on his comfy blankie! LOL!

    Awww poor Tanner waiting for the v-e-t!

    Jack is adorable - and his whiskers are really unique - so glad he went to his forever home with his brother Sean!

    I don't think I'll ever forget this winter - all that snow! I thought it would never go away!

    I have this habit of keeping receipts of the places I visit - I think it's because it's got the date and time on them!!! That's just weird really...!

    Take care

  3. Great Ws!

    We realize that's an older photo of Tanner, but we felt very sorry for him, waiting on the vet table.

    It's pretty hard for us to forget winter, since we're having big, fat wet snow flurries this morning!

  4. Your "w"sare great, it was a hard post!

  5. Oooh, we really like your W post today! This alphabet theme was a very good idea.

  6. I enjoyed your W post :)

    P.S., I used to collect sugar packets and matchbooks back in the day when restaurants & hotels imprinted their logo on them.

  7. Hi... love those pictures!

    * umie like to buy/collect fridge magnets :)

  8. What a GRRR-8 "W" post today! Mom collects magnets when they go on vacation.

  9. I love how you weave all these kitties into your alphabet tails!

  10. What a wonderful "W" post. Mommy collects spoons & magnets.

  11. That was W-onderful! The picture of Tanner at the v-e-t is priceless. Poor guy!

  12. Those were great Ws!! We like window watching...but we didn't like winter!!

    W is for Wally too!!


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