Thursday, April 22, 2010

S is for...

We have a lot of things that start with the letter S...I've even impressed myself on this post :)
SCARY STROLLERS - These were at the Paul Bunyun place in Minnesota...they were free to borrow, but still a bit scary looking!
SOPHIE SNUGGLES - Sophie snuggling with Mojo. She was really fond of him, and loved to hang around him as much as possible.
SHARING - Everyone playing with and taking turns at the new toy.
STALKING - Tanner is determined to get a bird, although I think he'd be surprised and 'let go' if he ever got close enough to one :)
STRAWBERRIES - These were cut up and ready for a bit of sugar...they are really good this year!
SMOKEY eating SARDINES - This was his birthday dinner...we opted for Sardines instead of tuna, and he loved it! The other boys all got a plate with one on it too, but Smokey got the juice :)
SNOWING - Here's a picture we'd all like to forget...snowy, cold weather...we can send warm thoughts to our friends in the southern hemisphere as they gear up for the white stuff.

Well, that's S...tomorrow is T...stay tuned :)


  1. Those are all great esses! Sharing is something we need to work on around here!

  2. Terrific "S" post!

    Sharing is not something some of us do well, either (like the Creek Cats). :-D

  3. PAWesome "S"s today! And yes about the snow! YUCK!

  4. Am loving the s pics. I especially like the sardines.... great fishies.


  5. Look how nice you all play with your panic mouse! You are all good at Sharing!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. Great post! Today is my Kit Kit's birthday, so instead of Tuna, I may go to the store for some sardines. Thanks!:)

  7. i like this S post. how do you all share the undercover mousie like that? you must have a terrible lot of patience. i have no patience with this little creature.

  8. That's some very impressive sharing!!

  9. Yes indeed, that was a totally "S"uper post!

  10. We've missed some of the alphabet!! But those are all great S's!! We 'specially like all of you sharing your Undercover Mouse!

  11. Those strollers are pretty scary!

    Thank goodness for snuggles and sharing and smokey eating sardines!!

    Great pics of strawberries (yum!!!) and Tanner stalking - he looks very focused! And snow - me and Charlie have not concept of what that is! :-)

    Great S post!!!!

    Take care

  12. The picture where they are all surrounding the new toy is soooo cute. i love coming to yor blog, you must have a ton of pictures!!! I'll get there someday.
    XOXOXOXO Puddin


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