Sunday, October 04, 2009

Paw it Forward

Our Paw It Forward box arrived on Thursday, but mom kept forgetting to charge the batteries for the camera, so we didn't get to open it until Sunday. She kept us waiting all that time, can you believe the nerve of her? We wasted no time in checking out the box, once she opened it. Tanner and I were the most curious...Smokey could not be disturbed from his nap to help us.

Here's me and Tanner laying with the loot...we really lucked out! Thanks to the Kitty Krew! In case you can't see everything because mom is not great at taking photos, there are some treats, a neat catnip duck, some fun balls, catnip socks and other toys, and Kitty Krew also included two crochet 'nip balls', from Shadow's mom and a jelly bean from the Casbah Kitten, an Etsy site! There's also a pouch of wet food that mom said she'd let us try tonight. Mom bean got some really nice note pads too!

Tanner loved the treats...anything that isn't on his diet the fat boy likes!

Cousin Sophie demonstrates the proper way to crunch the treats! She thought they were quite tasty too.
Tanner playing with one of the nip balls...these were a big hit!

Sophie claimed the jelly bean...later we found her using it like a pillow!

Here I was taking so many pictures, I finally had to give her the 'if you don't get that flashy box out of my face, you'll be sorry' look. She got the hint and moved on to someone else.

Here's Tanner...he's such a brown noser, posing nicely with most of the toys propped up against him. Mom bean says to ignore the carpet...she gave us a bunch of dried catnip this weekend, and has not passed the vacuum yet!

Tanner even thought the catnip bags were fun to chew took those away!

Do any of you like to chew on plastic? We both love it here, and can't get enough because mom keeps putting it away.

A huge THANK YOU shout out for the Kitty Krew - Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, and Pixie....we loved our Paw it Forward box, and look forward to playing with another family. So, if you have never participated in the paw it forward, just leave a comment and we'll get in touch. I'll take the first two families that say they would like to play.


The craziest of them all :)


  1. Hi Gang,

    Wow! You got some really great toys and treats. I am really happy for you. Simba, my orange brother, loves plastic, especially when he's hungry and waiting for his dinner. I enjoyed the pics of you all enjoying all your presents.



  2. Mmmm, catnip-flavored plastic! Can't believe your human took it away! What is with that? I know for a fact that something that tasty can't possibly be dangerous!

    The other stuff looked fun too.

  3. You got some great stuff. It all looks like lots of fun!

  4. You got some wonderful stuff!

    We're both big plastic chewers here, too. Samson once ripped open a bag of pasta and had it spread all over the floor in under 30 seconds!

  5. Wow! What a fun Paw It Forward package you got!! We can see you really enjoyed those treats...and everything else!!

  6. WOW~WEE!!! That looks like an excellent time you all had. We MOL'd at Tanner's picture on his side...'NIP OVERLOAD!!! We are doing a Paw~it~Forward and mom has GOT to get her butt in gear and start packing them up!!!

  7. Wow! You got some fantastic loot! And furry nice modeling, too, I must say. Our Mom bean takes the plastic away too, even though it smells yummylicious.

  8. Wow! Looks like you got a lot of loot in that box that came for you. How nice. Sorry your mom made you wait until you could open it though. That's wasn't fair.

  9. Wow you guys got a lot of awesome stuff! That is a great Paw it Forward gift!

    We have a few plastic chewers/lickers in our house. Kirzon is obsessed with licking plastic bags (no chewing) and all the others (except Floyd) will chew on plastic bags.

  10. The Paw It Forward packages are the best! In response to your question, I love to lick and chew on plastic. It drives my mom crazy!

  11. We're so glad you liked your PIF package! :D It looks like you had fun opening it up and getting the stuff out...once your mom finally let you. MOL

    Have fun with the toys and treats! :D

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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