Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mojo!!

Mojo you came to our house with many medical problems. We were happy to help you recover and deal with many procedures until you found your forever home. You stole our hearts though and we adopted you because to us, you were perfect!

This picture was taken after Mojo's ear polyp was removed. We did not let the others make fun of his half shaved head!

You fit right in with our crazy family and we loved having you around. Red was your color, but you were happy with pink too. You were always so appreciative of anything we gave you...

As a family, we battled many evil conditions with you...some we were able to beat, like your allergies. Your IBD was controlled by the immune suppressants. Your stomatitis was fixed by removing your teeth. Your anemia, heart murmur, and early stages of renal failure never really played a role in your overall health concerns, just in your treatment options at times.

Your zest for life was contagious however, and we will never forget that Life is Good!
This picture above was taken on New Years a couple of years look so proud to be showing us the scratch that Tanner gave you on the nose! I can almost hear you tattling on your brother...Mom look what he did to me! You loved to make Tanner squeal, and I secretly think he misses that now that you are gone :)

You loved the outdoors, even though the grasses and things were not your friend. At this point, the tumor was huge and it was only a matter of time before you would be gone. You were feeling really good and so we threw caution to the wind and let you have fun in the yard. You loved to roll around and get dirty! Live every day to the fullest...that was your motto.
This is the last picture of me and you together. You had grown quite weak and had come up lame in a front foot that morning. We knew it was time. I'm so sorry that we were not able to 'fix' you here on this earth, but I'm thankful that we were able to help you to a better place. I know you are running around and attacking any red string you can find. Play nice with the others :)

Last night we had stew beef and gravy in your honor, as that was your favorite meal, until you switched to sardines. We loved you Mojo, but I don't think I'll be eating sardines for you :)

Fly High Superman and enjoy your day...we'll try to make you proud by living every day to the fullest. Making the most of every situation. Finding the silver lining in an otherwise black cloud. And always remembering that Life is Good.

Thank you for chosing us Mojo, and for 4 wonderful years!


  1. Oh what a wonderful tribute to sweet Mojo! What interesting markings he has on his face!!! We bet he is having a great time at the Bridge celebrating his special day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Mojo!!! Hope you're having some sardines in Heaven. :-) I miss you.

  3. What a pawsome tribute to Mojo. We send you our love and purrs because we know that you miss him very much.

    Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mojo.

  4. This is so sweet but also sad. Thanks for sharing Mojo with us. This was just so lovely.

  5. Happy Birthday Mojo - I am sure you are having a great party at the bridge to celebrate. It sounds like you had a wonderful loving life!

  6. Happy Birthday Mojo. We hope you're rolling in the grass without a care in heaven!

  7. Happy Birthday Mojo! You had such a loving family while on earth. We liked you moustach! Come by for Al's Gotcha Day party today!

  8. You and Mojo were so lucky to have each other and enjoyed the time you had together to the max!

    He certainly was a special kitty and I hope he's celebrating from on high!

  9. What a purrfect tribute to Mojo! He really had an dorable face!!! Mom said he looks like Charlie Chaplin, with that 'stache! Mom's eyes are leaking (again), she's been doing this all day reading blogs. Know that Mojo is waiting for the day you are reunited!!! HAPPY PURRDAY MOJO!!!

  10. Happy Birthday, handsome Mojo! Please say hello to my big sister Tabbygail, who just went to the Bridge on Saturday. She will be happy to have another friend.

  11. Happy belated birthday, Mojo, we're sorry we missed the day and we wish we had known you.

    And thanks to the rest of you kitties for coming to my Gotcha Day party yesterday! We bet Mojo was celebrating right alongside you with us all. :)

    Purrs and hugs,

  12. Happy belated Birthday to Mojo at the Bridge. Life is indeed good! What a wonderful, wonderful tribute. Mojo, you were clearly very loved. Run free!

  13. Sending you a big Happy Birthday wish. I loved the photos of you, what a sweet face you have. Your story was so nice to read. How lucky to find a forever home. I can tell by the photo with you and your mom that the love just oozes from one to the other. You are all lucky to be together.

  14. Oh Mojo, what a beautiful tribute your meowmy wrote to you... We can see how much she loved you!
    Run free at the bridge, celebrate chasing red strings and butterflies, eating beef stew and lots of sardines!
    You are loved and Missed!


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