Monday, October 12, 2009

Mancats like Purple

My boys each have their own special color, and so a lot of what I buy for them is in either purple, red, green, or blue. Namely blankets, toys, collars, clothes, etc... It is fun to see them 'choosing' to lay on their color.

Purple is one of those that tends to lean more towards girls than boys, and so when I find a masculine purple, I'm ecstatic! My boys though have no problem with the color purple, and enjoy laying on it, or in it, depending on the bed.

Here's Smokey choosing the purple blanket over all the others on the bed for his afternoon nap. Doesn't he look gorgeous?

Tanner isn't too proud to lay in a purple bed either...this purple puff is a big hit with the cats. It is super soft and squishy, and I like that you can throw it in the washer and dryer! Such a handsome mancat!!

Weight news: Tanner maintained this week at 18.0. At least he didn't gain. We are going to work a little harder this week on eliminating snacks. It is so hard when he looks at you all pitiful like. I'm going to be strong...I will be strong....this is for his own good...I can do it! Everyone please pray for me :)

Smokey avoided the scale, but I'm going to snag him tonight!


  1. Oh we like purple lots! Ernie thinks it looks really good against his black furs!!


  2. Purple is a GRRR-8 color!!! And it looks great with your furs too!!!

  3. I love purple too. They look gorgeous on the purples! Nice post.

  4. Purple is so the colour,, They look magical.. Good luck with the diet,, Hugs GJ xx

  5. Yes, Smokey definitely looks gorgeous! Tanner looks great too. Such a cutie. I hope it goes well this week with Tanner's diet.

  6. It takes a real mancat to use the color purple. It is such a beautiful color I am glad that they are not afraid of it.

  7. Ohhh, we want one!!

    Inigo loves anything that is red or orange - I just love any toy I can get my paws on!!

  8. Purple is our mom's favorite color. When you mancats look so handsome with purple, we think you should work it!

  9. They both look good on purple! Our mancats both like the bright pink/purple hairy blankie and don't complain a bit about it looking girly (heck, Pixie has a girly name already so why would he care about girly colors? MOL).

    That puff thing looks reallllly comfy...wonder where we could find such a thing... (from The Mommy: like they need more beds! LOL).

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  10. I think it is neat that the cats have colors they like - in our house that is not the case - it is first come first served pretty much. We have a purple poof like that (and also a blue one) and I find that at our house it isn't the color as much as the location that determines which is popular - right now the blue is closer to me on the couch so it gets filled first. I have been curious if Barney would notice the difference - the blue hasn't moved since we got him and he really loves the blue one a lot.

    I am glad there was no weight gain - I am sure it is very hard to give up the treats. Maybe you can convince Tanner to play some more - I am trying to do that with Lola to get her a bit more active (she is basically a grey lump on most days). It might help counteract the treats a bit.


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