Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gifts for the kitties

Vacation was wonderful, even though I missed the boys terribly. I need to find a place at the beach that will allow them to come with me...I think they would enjoy smelling the ocean! One day I would love to own a beach house, or a camper :)

We had beautiful weather while were there, and spent a lot of time just laying on the beach and playing in the waves.

The waves were good sized when the tide was coming in...we loved to ride the waves on our floats!

We visited an old rice plantation, that has been converted into a sculpture garden, wildlife refuge, and small zoo. It was very interesting and beautiful. The nice thing about it was once you had purchased your ticket, you could visit for 6 more days! So we went there two days and just wandered around...it was very relaxing.

I love Spanish Moss in the old trees...I learned that Spanish Moss is neither Spanish nor moss! It is actually part of the pineapple family...can you believe that?

My sister and I took a day for shopping while our dad stayed at the house. I found a neat cat store in one of the shopping areas, and bought a very strong smelling catnip toy for each of the boys. Devon and Tanner loved theirs! Smokey sniffed and then moved on...has anyone else noticed with older cats that they don't care as much for catnip? Smokey is 13, and I've noticed he doesn't get as crazy with it as the other boys.

Tanner was a happy boy when I got home...he loved his gift, and was in need of many snuggles. The petsitter said he had played with her some, so maybe he is getting better :)

Auntie's cat Pirate enjoyed his catnip toy too...he only has three legs. AARRGGHH!
Devon washed his toy to death...it was soaking wet when he was finished :)
All in all the time away was nice. The boys loved having me home and they slept hard all day on Saturday...they were worn out! Everyone came in the night for snuggles, which I was happy to give them. It's nice to be loved :)


  1. That beach looks like one big litter box to us!!!

    Looks like the boys are loving their toys!!

  2. Those are some great gifts they got. Thomas lies to wash his cat nip toys too!

  3. Your vacation pics are beautiful! We know the boys were glad to have you back. The toys were a bonus!

  4. Wonderful vacation pictures. Nice toys they got there.

  5. Nip is one of our favorites. Gandalf will also lick it until it's sopping wet!

  6. I love the picture of the fountain and the trees. Beautiful! Interesting tidbit about Spanish Moss!

    I'm sure Tanner and Devon missed you too. I always miss my kitties when we go away. Lucy is 13 and still loves catnip. She mainly does what Devon does and just licks it until it's soaking.

  7. What lovefurly vacation pictures!!! Skeeter is going on 13this November and is a 'nip JUNKIE!!!

  8. Oh that looks like it was a great place to visit! And those toys are wonderful. Kirzon does the same thing with his toys - washes them til they are soaking and well, gross to be honest with you.

  9. The holiday photos look lovely. The nip toys look like lots of fun. When our Beans have been on holiday we always velcro ourselves to them when they come home.

  10. Love the holiday photo's what a great beach.. And treats too. They look like they are so glad to get you back.. Hugs GJ x

  11. Wonderful gifts and the beach looks like a lot of fun!

  12. Your vacation sounds truly wonderful. Playing in the waves, lying around, visiting beautiful sites... ahhhhhh. About the nip: Strangely none of my girls flips out for catnip but Siena the Norwegian Forest Cat goes mad for valerian. It smell strange to my nose but they love it!


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