Friday, September 11, 2009

Did I hear you correctly?

Tanner: What's that? The pet sitter is coming, starting tomorrow? For a whole week?

Me: That's right, Auntie and I , along with our dad bean are heading to that big litter box by the shore :)

Tanner: Well, where does that leave me?

Me: At home!

Tanner: You know I don't like that pet sitter, I may refuse to eat for the whole week. Won't you feel bad then?

Me: If you would give her a chance, she could be a good friend. She just wants to play with you. If you chose not to eat, that is your could stand to lose another couple of pounds anyway.

Tanner: I can't believe you just said that...don't you love me anymore?

Me: Of course I do, but you are being irrational. 7 year olds should be a little more mature about things.

Tanner: Will you bring me a gift?

Me: Do you think you deserve a gift?

Tanner: Of course, I am your favorite orange boy :)

Me: I'll see what I can find for you all, now fix those ears before they stick like that!

All of us at Four Crazy Cats want to remember the families of the victims from that horrible day 8 years ago. May God Bless America!


  1. Oh boy! We wish your mom, dad and Auntie very safe travels to the beach!
    We live near the beach!

    We are remembering today, too.

  2. Oh no! A week with the pet sitter?? Well, that can be fun! Our pet sitter plays with us lots and gives us extra treats!

    Hope your humans have a good time at that giant litter box!

    (We are remembering those that were lost 8 years ago, too...)

  3. Tanner, you are so funny. I hope you are ok with the cat sitter, and I hope your beans travel safely.

    God bless America!

  4. Hope your mom has lotsa fun at the big litter box! And, we hope she brings you ALL back some pressies!!! We, too, will always remember and NEVER forget!

  5. Tanner, I think I might put my ears down for that announcement too.

  6. Tanner we're am sure the pet sitter is very very nice!

    We're remembering those poor souls too

  7. Tanner that picture of you is just so funny - you are so mad that the sitter is coming!

  8. How could she not take you??? they better be bringing back lots of the tuna fishes... otherwise may I suggest use of THE CLAWWWW...

  9. I hope they have a good thime and that you decide to eat!
    ps - thanks for the good thoughts for my Mommy, we know that they helped a lot!

  10. A pet sitter? Mom wished she had someone reliable. It's far better than having to go and live at one of these cat hotels. We only live with her for a year and so far she hasn't left us though.
    We're sure you'll get over it! A wonderful holiday to your humans!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  11. A whole week?!?! Yikies. When our Mommy leaves us, our pet sitter pretty much never sees us, we always run and hide. MOL So the sitter just does the food and water and cleans the boxes and that's all, doesn't have to play with us.

    We were remembering 9/11 on our bloggie yesterday, too...

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  12. Phooey on vacationing humans! Mine do it too. And then they get back and are all "What do you mean we still owe you all the cuddles we would have given you if we had stayed home?"

    Thanks for coming to my party! You sure sound a lot like me, Smokey! I love being held and riding around on my OTW's shoulder, and trying to go outside, and eating plastic plants (my OTW has to hide her silk leaves from me!)



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