Monday, November 20, 2006

Decorating for Christmas

We took time on Sunday to start decorating the house for Christmas. We have a ton of decorations so it takes a while to get everything put up. We started with the tree, and of course the boys were big helpers. They enjoyed jumping in the box the tree comes in, and playing with the cords for the lights. We have an artifical tree because Smokey and Mojo are allergic to the real ones. It is one of those pre-lit trees, but it needs more directions to be able to hook all the lights up a bit easier. We finally had to just turn the tree another way, to put the row of unlit branches in the back! We tried everyway possible to get them to work, so we just gave up.

Decorating is the most fun part, so we started unloading box after box of ornaments. We are definitely going to need a second tree next year, maybe even a third! I collect ornaments for each of my boys throughout the year, and Smokey has a ton...I think he has more than I have! Each boy is designated a color, so I look for things that remind me of them, in their color. They also get things that aren't in a particular color, if it means something. For example, Smokey is known as 'The Goose', so when I found a Canadian Goose ornament, I had to get it for him! I'm not sure if I'm mentioned what their colors are before, so here they are...Smokey is purple, Devon is blue, Tanner is green, and Mojo is red.

After a while of decorating the boys were tired...Here's Tanner sleeping in an ornament box...I'm surprised he fit!

Devon loves tissue paper, and enjoys shredding it...he was in hog heaven when we upwrapped all the ornaments, and there was a huge mound of tissue paper in a chair!

Smokey and Mojo spent most of their time sleeping! Where is their Christmas spirit? They thought it was a good day for a nap...Here are the sleeping boys.
At last, the finished product...I think it turned out nicely this year. We'll have to see how many of the ornaments are on the floor when I get home for work today. Typically we just pick them up and place them higher on the tree, so by the time Christmas gets here, the bottom half of the tree is not decorated!

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