Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Time Flies Tuesday

 Time flies when you are having fun!  The mancats are all doing well.  We are glad you stopped by to visit us again.
Flynn hanging out in the cat toy chest downstairs.  I needed to find another stick so he took the opportunity to see what else was in there.  We rotate toys and such around to keep them interested.

Most of my panthers together in the study.  We are having a few pee problems, hence the puppy pads all around.

Harrison loves this bed and spends most of his days here.

Charles has picked this spot as his favorite day location.

Rusty helped me put together a new bookshelf for my room.

Charles loves this mat and hangs out with it in the evenings.

Pumpkin turned two on August 17th.  She has been eating grasshoppers and has consumed 70 of them this past month!!  I still supplement with slurry, but we have to do it less frequent.

Rusty loves the cat ball in the guest room.

Sometimes it is too warm to go outside, so Charles does half in, half out to stay cool, but smell the outdoors!

He still loves to dangle his arms!

My favorite view...Charles napping with me.

Pumpkin on her eating stump waiting for those grasshoppers!

Charles (left) and Harrison chilling by the fireplace.  These beds are very popular, especially in the winter when the heated beds are plugged in for them.

Pumpkin hanging out with the boys.  Flynn and Cousin Lenny

Flynn and Cousin George acting unruly and stealing my cereal.  They love milk, and I don't want them to get soft bones!

Flynn and Cousin Lenny can get along...here is proof!  Flynn pesters him, and Lenny squeals, which I think Flynn likes!

There you have it.  Auntie and I are heading to the beach next week, and taking Pumpkin with us.  I hope she does well, but I really hope the boys will behave for the pet sitter and not get too upset that we are gone.  This will be the first time some of them have been left for more than overnight.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed the update.


  1. Everyone looks great! I love Charles' dangle, he really does it well. :-)

    Belated happy birthday to Pumpkin! Seventy grasshoppers seems like a lot, good for her!

    I hope all goes well with the pet sitter. Since the boys have to stay home, Derry says to remember to bring them presents!

  2. Glad to see everyone is doing well. Charles does a good dangle. Flynn used to do the same.

  3. Happy belated birthday, Pumpkin! We are so glad everyone is doing well. GREAT dangle, Charles. :)


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