Monday, September 26, 2022

Mancat Monday

It's been too long once again, but everyone continues to do well.  We are blessed and thankful for each day!
Pumpkin went to and Adult Health Day Program to speak to the campers.  Everyone loved her and she didn't mind being petted.
We have been invited back so some of the campers that weren't there that day could see her.  We plan to go again, maybe in November.
Auntie and I took a much needed vacation to the beach for a week.  The boys stayed home and the pet sitter came over twice a day for an hour each time to feed, scoop, play and love on them.  The boys love to eat!
Pumpkin went with us, since the pet sitter wasn't sure about dealing with her bugs, and plus I figured she would enjoy the natural sunshine and warm sand.  This is her first view of the ocean from our room.
She loved the sand!  The temps were fantastic for us, and thankfully we didn't have any hurricanes to worry about.  That is always a risk when going in September, but the prices are so much better!

She had her own beach chair too, although she only sat here for a few photos.

She preferred her enclosed mesh tent, or sitting on my chest.

I covered her with sand one day, and she was not impressed!

She was a good sport wearing her shark costume and riding the boogie board.  She met a lot of nice people and many wanted to hold or at least touch her.  Some wanted their picture taken with her.

Although the boys had plenty of food, we discovered they had been stealing all week!  This is where they place their stolen's too funny!

Charles was ready for me to be home, and was snuggling and nursing within 15 minutes!

Pumpkin was happy to be back in her tank and showed off with some beard stretches.

The boys all got a new catnip toy and they were's Flynn and Cousin George.




Charles helped me change the sheets...taking a rest now.

A little nap curled up next to me was a great way to spend Sunday.

Well there you have it...another fun few weeks, and all is well.

Thanks for stopping by to visit!



  1. I am glad you all had a good holiday. It looks like Pumpkin enjoyed the beach. The boys enjoyed their new toys too.

  2. If Pumpkin isn't already an Instagram star, she could be. 😁 I'm glad everyone had a great time at the beach, and that the boys made out just fine with the pet sitter.

  3. We are glad to hear everyone is doing well. That's so awesome that Pumpkin got to go to the beach!


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