Monday, October 26, 2020

Mancat Monday

 The boys are having another fun week...
Harrison is spending time in this hideout.  It is beside the baby's night cage.  Harry is a good baby sitter.

Flynn is grateful and needs to shout it from the rooftops!  The baby can't reach him in this chair!

Rusty still wants to play with baby but hasn't gotten up the courage yet.  He is very curious though and is a good baby sitter.

A bowlful of cuteness!

Update on the porch...the roof is on, the ceiling is up, but still needs more paint.

The inside and outside areas above the screen area are complete.  Still needs more paint, caulk, and the all important screen!

The boys are getting ready and have had their first dose of Revolution.

I've never seen Harrison in this chair before, but he is super cute!

There you have it.  Another great week for the boys and baby.  Hope you all are doing well.  Thanks for stopping by to visit!


  1. The porch looks fantastic, I can't wait to see it finished and everyone enjoying it.

    I'm glad everyone is doing well! Kudos to Harrison and Rusty for being good babysitters. Maybe they'll work up the courage to play at some point. :-)

  2. They are such cuties. Porch looks good.


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